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Friday , August 30 , 2013

Syria strike in US interest: Obama

US President Barack Obama told Americans a military strike against Syria is in their interest following a gas attack last week and Britain said armed action would be legal, but intervention looked set to be delayed until UN investigators report back....   | Read..

Retrial hope for Osama doctor

Pakistan on Thursday ordered retrial of a Pakistani doctor who helped CIA find Osama bin Laden and overturned a 33 years jail term awarded to him early last year....   | Read..

‘Smoking gun’ elusive

The US and its allies have “no smoking gun” proving Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad personally ordered his forces to use chemical weapons to attack a rebel-held ...   | Read..

Syria will defend itself, says Assad

Syrian President Bashar Assad said today that his country “will defend itself against any aggression”, signalling defiance to mounting western warnings of a possi...   | Read..
Syrian rebel fighters run for cover during clashes with forces loyal to President Assad in Aleppo. (Reuters)
Syria strike in US interest: Obama
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