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Cosmetic cures

Bridgette Jones has the most effective hair and make-up tricks up her sleeve

I am a 26-year-old woman. I lost a lot of weight recently and have developed stretch marks on my upper arms and thighs. Of late, I've also noticed fine lines underneath my eyes and my facial skin has become a bit loose. Will anti-ageing creams work for me? I am worried about this. What can I do to remedy these?


Anti-ageing creams containing Vitamin C are one of the best skin care ingredients used in anti-ageing products as they can remove facial wrinkles and help in tightening loose skin. The antioxidants found in Vitamin C are great for anti-ageing as these stimulate collagen to make your skin more supple and elastic. It helps to fight free radicals, even out skin tone, reduce skin sagging, smooth fine lines and remove skin discoloration.

Along with using anti-ageing creams incorporate the following into your lifestyle:

• Follow a healthy diet to tighten loose skin.

• Join a gym and engage a personal trainer who can help you maintain your weight.

• Do some facial exercises that will help tighten sagging skin.

• Apply facial firming masks to help lift and tighten loose skin.

• Get a monthly age protection facial treatment done to stimulate your skin's cellular turnover and assist with exfoliation to give you luminous and healthy-looking skin.

Ritu beri

I prefer not to use too much make-up — very little or absolutely nothing in the day — I prefer to only use Lancme's Hypnse Waterproof mascara. However, for the night I sometimes use heavier eye make-up. I use a dark kohl eye pencil by M.A.C. I love Guerlain Bronzing Powder Mist and a make-up must have is the M.A.C Studio Fix foundation and Chanel eyeshadow. For my lips, I use different lip colours to suit different occasions.

I pamper my hair with an oil massage once a week since I wash my hair twice followed by a blow dry. I do some deep hair treatments to keep my hair healthy. I am a fanatic about cleansing. Whatever happens, whatever it takes and however late it is, I make sure I cleanse my face. Besides cleansing I keep the rest simple. I don't play with my skin and avoid facials totally. I use EviDenS cleansing face wash, face mask and day/night moisturizer by EviDenS.