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Monday , August 19 , 2013

Gene story

A doctor by training but a scientist by choice, Giriraj Rattan Chandak has set himself a task. The senior scientist at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad wants to get to the bottom of a nasty disease that currently has no cure. People with chronic pancreatitis lead a p...  | Read.. 
Gene story
Another phablet
There are many people who like to carry around a smartphone with a huge screen that doubles up as a tablet. Samsung started the trend with the Galaxy Note and now the ‘phablet’ war has just begun with its South Korean rival LG launching t ...  | Read.. 
Old isn’t always gold
The Indian population (1.27 billion at present) is projected to overtake that of China in another 10 years, with more births and steadily climbing lif ...  | Read..