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Thursday , August 1 , 2013

Seeking refuge, leaker ended up in war

Feeling outcast and alone in Iraq, Bradley Manning, then a 22-year-old army private, turned to the Internet for solace in early 2010, wanting to share with the world what he saw as the unconscionable horrors of war, an act that resulted in what military prosecutors called one of the greatest be...   | Read..

$4m for man ‘forgotten’ in US jail

A 25-year-old college student reached a $4.1 million settlement with the US government after he was abandoned in a windowless cell for more than four days without food or...   | Read..

UK ex-MP in Pak return

Britain’s first Muslim lawmaker, who once faced down racist death threats from his opponents, has returned to his native Pakistan as governor of the country’s mos...   | Read..

Snowden dad urged to meet son in Moscow

The father of former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden said today he was willing to agree to a request by the FBI to fly to Moscow to see his son, but first needed to k...   | Read..
Seeking refuge, leaker ended up in war
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Pro-Mursi sit-ins to be dispersed, say rulers

Egypt’s military-led government instructed its security forces today to end two large sit...   | Read..

Nigella, Saatchi closer to split

Nigella Lawson, the “domestic goddess” of TV fame, and her multimillionaire art collect...   | Read..