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Saturday , July 27 , 2013
CIMA Gallary


THE HOLE STORY: The game turned serious on Day III with everyone crossing paths on the fairway stopping to ask the score. Reminds me of the joke that goes, “A man is in bed with two women and his friend calls up and says, ‘How’s it going?’ and he replies, “I’ve just got two more holes to play… who’s counting?”

COLOUR CODE: A splash of colour was just what Thursday needed! And living it up in his bright colours was the man from Steel City, Sunil Kumar. The Tata Steel honcho turned up in a red-and-red combo to “create a little positivity”. That’s not all. Indrajit Roy of Emars picked a blue tee and yellow trousers. And if you think the wives/girlfriends shop for them, think again. “I go shopping myself and picked up these yellow pants from Bangkok,” said Rory McIlroy fan Indrajit who has a whole collection in blue, mint green and pink!

A SUNNY DAY: Not literally but ‘figure’-atively! Creating the maximum buzz on the course was the big-built Sunny Uthup. While singing comes naturally to him (thanks to mom Usha Uthup), he’s terrific with darts and has now hit the bullseye with golf. Sunny works very hard on the driving range and his employers are wishing the same when he gets to the office! Sunny’s looking for a promotion of a different kind — in his office but from Team B of Williamson Magor to Team A. For this, he’s depending on Captain Courageous Lakshman ‘Bunny’ Singh who’s been running away from the slim shadow of Sunny Uthup!

NINTH HOLE HEALTH CHECK: Man in question? Sanjay Sanwal. Sixty-year-old Sanwal, who’s been shaping up with Ranadeep Moitra, has been talking fitness. Last heard, his BP was normal, his diabetes had vanished and he claims to outrun his partners Aditya Khaitan and Vivek Bajoria. Known as the ‘Quickest Golfer of The Year’ (!!!) anyone playing with him who’s in their 40s has only one request: “Can I please finish while I’m still in my 40s?”

BIRDIES DAY OUT: The ladies finally showed up on Day Three of the tourney. Karishma Parekh is the workaholic, who plays golf eight days a week if that’s possible! And at 25, Manvi Halwasiya is one of the only women tea brokers in the city. Having studied at Lynn University in America, she wanted a taste of the corporate world, so it’s exciting to have educated — and good-looking as well — young people now playing golf too!

WINNING LINE: Talking of colours, Hirak Dasgupta is seeing only orange, green and blue this week! That’s because the man in charge of three teams from Emars has his teams dressed up in these colours. Wonder if he’s got the traffic lights mixed up! Everything from his BBM status to WhatsApp to what he’s wearing on his T-shirt has got, “Let’s win it!” I’m very worried about what that means.

P FOR PAMPER: To end on a pampering note, the women coming to the Final Nite dance on Friday at The Oberoi Grand will have a hand in the lucky dip which will win them a package from The Four Fountains spa, recently opened in Calcutta. And you thought we only had to massage the egos of the men!

LAST WORD: While Williamson Magor has always been the winner with a wonderful team, it’s nice to see J. Thomas, McLeod Russel and so many others, especially in the Challenge Cup, making the competition so exciting.