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Saturday , July 27 , 2013
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Way to go, girls!

Bravo girls! (Fightback girls slam bag, spray deo, July 25). Iíve a teenaged daughter who goes to tuition alone. You two are an inspiration to her and many other girls and women who travel alone. You showed great presence of mind and courage. Instead of worrying, we should teach our young girls to be smart and be aware of their surroundings.


Kudos to the girls. I hope many more young girls follow in their footsteps and teach rowdy youths a lesson so that they dare not mess with girls again. I suggest that all schools make martial arts compulsory for girls.

Saco Stephen,

Park Street


I salute the two girls who had the courage to fight for their dignity. Like deodorant spray, a compass from your geometry box can also act as a handy tool. Here are a few suggestions for young girls:

Save phone numbers of police, your parents and close friends on speed dial

Donít hesitate to report any incident of harassment to police

Donít be afraid to confront because basically they are a bunch of cowards. But donít be agressive and irrational

Try to keep a cool head

Himadri Sengupta

The schoolgirls showed great presence of mind in using a bag and a deodorant spray to defend themselves. Great job girls.

Kousik Majumdar


The way the two girls fought back is praiseworthy.

Tua Ghatak,

Salt Lake

I applaud your presence of mind in attacking your tormentors. This should inspire others. Keep it up.

V. Geethika

Hats off to the girls for fighting back.


My tips for young girls: try to buy a stun gun and carry it at all times, carry a can of pepper spray and immediately take up lessons in self defence.

Shubham Gangopadhyay

I would like to salute both the girls for their courage. Their action will encourage other women to fight back.

Ronit Datta

The schoolgirls who fought against the four rogues were brave. I also salute their bravery in sharing their unpleasant experience and making other women of this city aware.

Arkadeep Halder

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