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Wednesday , July 17 , 2013

Towards food for all

This version of the United Progressive Alliance team has earned itself the label of “masters of non-governance”, largely because of its inability to steer major pieces of legislation through Parliament...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Word play
Sir — At a time when Narendra Modi’s acceptability as a leader is on the rise across the country, h ...  | Read.. 
Healing touch
Sir — The Supreme Court showed its exasperation at the Centre’s inability to come up with ways to r ...  | Read.. 


The litmus test for the quality of democracy is the language of public discourse and rhetoric. Economists have pointed out ho...   | Read..


The quaint idea of ‘gross national happiness’ is Bhutan’s gift to economic planning. The first-ever elected government in Thi...   | Read..
Do not Cry Over Splits
I came upon a split infinitive in my local paper the other day, ...  | Read.. 
The number of complaints has doubled in recent months
Q: The West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) was the first state human rights commission to be set up in the country in 1995. How did you find it when you took over a...  | Read.. 
Legal FAQs
Q:In September 2011, two people had an altercation in front of our house and one was severely injured. He had lodged an FIR. My brother’s name appears in this case as one o...  | Read.. 
Women, like men, ought to have their youth so glutted with freedom they hate the very idea of freedom. — VITA SACKVILLE-WEST