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Wednesday , July 17 , 2013

Obama quieter, fans see ‘hidden hand’

In the nearly two weeks since Egypt’s military seized power, President Obama has promoted a better federal bureaucracy, given a medal to George Lucas of Star Wars fame and had former President George Bush to the White House for lunch. What he has not done is publicly address the vi...   | Read..

Cairo oath amid violence

Egypt swore in its new interim cabinet on Tuesday, naming mainly liberals and technocrats to lead a transition to civilian rule, but the deaths of seven people in overnight v...   | Read..

US firm joins probe

British investigators said on Tuesday a transmitter made by US firm Honeywell was one of several components that may have caused a fire on a Boeing Dreamliner in London last ...   | Read..

Bangla violence claims four

At least four persons were killed in police firing and violence that erupted in several parts of Bangladesh today following the conviction of the Jamaat-e-Islami’s 91-y...   | Read..

Unrest over US verdict

Protesters angered by the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ran through the streets of Los Angeles, breaking windows and stopping traf...   | Read..
Obama quieter, fans see ‘hidden hand’
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Asiana to sue TV channel

Asiana Airlines said Monday it will sue a TV station that incorrectly reported racially offensive n...   | Read..

China trial for activists

Three Chinese activists agitating for officials to disclose their assets will be put on trial, the...   | Read..