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Wednesday , July 3 , 2013
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Martina calls for 3 setters

Martina Navratilova has called for men’s Grand Slam matches to be reduced to three sets to protect the sport’s top stars from getting injured.

In an interview with, Navratilova said: “It’s really becoming so taxing that I believe one day we will have two out of three sets in the Grand Slams, otherwise they’re going to be taking people out on stretchers.

“I think a way to curb it would be to play the Grand Slams for men only two out of three sets.”

Navratilova was keen to draw attention to the increased physical demands on male players. Martina says the injuries to the big name players this year Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray has highlighted a growing concern.

“We have always had issues with injuries, but this year, it came to light more when the top guys got hurt. Rafael Nadal’s had issues, he was out for about eight months. Andy Murray had missed the French Open because of a bad back and Novak Djokovic had issues as well with his ankle,” she said.