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| Sunday, June 30, 2013 |


Street smart

For stylist Neha Panda roadside bazaars are a treasure trove of chic clothes and quirky accessories

Style according to you is...

Style is not something that you can copy, but it is something that you create for your-self and carry as your own.

Five items in your closet you can't do without

My black cropped pants, belts, scarves, denim shorts and extra-loose tees

Most extravagant buy

I love street fashion and don't believe in buying expensive things. But I splurged on an orange Roberto Cavalli jacket last winter.

Your favourite shopping destination

The fashion streets of Calcutta, Delhi and Mumbai. I especially like street-shopping in Delhi as at the end of it, while your bags overflow, you don't end up emptying your wallet.

You have a fetish for

Hair accessories like hairbands, bow clips and bandanas

If money were no object, what would you add to your closet?

Alexander McQueen dresses and shoes.

The trend you are sporting at the moment

Midi skirts (they fall mid-calf), paired with knotted shirts

On a date, you'd be seen wearing

Pyjamas, ganjee, chappals and aviators

Which character out of history would you like to dress as?

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, as I am an ardent admirer of her sense of style. She was very elegant and yet not too feminine. I particularly like the short hair and hat look that she sported — essentially a very tomboyish look, which is very me.

Did you ever go through a wild fashion phase?

I am always in the middle of one and it's always my hair that I experiment with (laughs). Right now I have a new hairstyle, which is very wild.