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Survival Strategies

Suhel Seth has an unconventional take on personal problems — and their solutions

I am a 28-year-old woman, working in a small firm. I am keen on getting married and starting a new life but unlike most parents, mine are simply not interested. Many of our relatives offer to play matchmakers, many a proposal has come our way too, but my parents always turn them down. I cannot understand why would my parents not want me to be married. And I know it's not just for their love for me that is making them behave this way. I feel sad to say this but they only have their selfish interest at heart. How do I get out of this predicament.

Name and address withheld

There is very little to get out of. You actually need to get 'in' to a relationship and surely you don't need your parents to help you out. Is there a dearth of men suddenly in this country or what? Look around you and you will find some staggering dolt who will want to marry you. So, go out there, make yourself available (in a nice way) and get on with your miserable life. Stop wanting to be spoon-fed all the time.

I am 18-years-old. We have recently moved into a new neighbourhood. The family living next door has been very friendly with us since we came and we often visit each other. Their son is a couple of years older than me and I seem to have developed a crush on him. He likes to spend time with me but gives me no other indication of having any feelings for me. How can I get him to like me?

Name and address withheld

There are three things you can do: a) seduce him and tell him he is the one for you and that good neighbours make even better bed-fellows, b) get some other non-competitive neighbour to play Cupid and help you blokes out, or c) ask him what he truly feels about you and whether he loves you. Look, I am a great believer, and it is best, in these matters, to always ask so that there is clarity and little wastage of time. Go for it darling.


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