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Tuesday , June 18 , 2013

Veil off US snooping at world meet

A new set of classified documents disclosed yesterday suggested that Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who has provided a trove of documents to The Guardian, had obtained a wider range of materials about government surveillance than had been known....   | Read..

Iran nuke plan pledge

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani said today he hoped the world would grasp a new opportunity for “constructive interaction” with Iran and pledged to be more ...   | Read..

China rebel exit finger at NYU

Chen Guangcheng, the dissident legal advocate whose escape from house arrest to the American Embassy in Beijing last year provoked a diplomatic crisis, said he was being ...   | Read..

Army call hint in Turkey

Turkey’s deputy Prime Minister today said armed forces could be called up if needed to help quell popular protests that have swept Turkish cities in the last two weeks,...   | Read..

5000 info pleas to Apple

Apple received over the last six months between 4,000 and 5,000 requests for customer data from US law enforcement authorities relating to criminal investigations and nationa...   | Read..

China ire at data scan

China made its first substantive comments today to reports of US surveillance of the Internet, demanding that Washington explain its monitoring programmes to the internationa...   | Read..
Veil off US snooping at world meet
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