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Sunday , June 16 , 2013

At home with the camera

The mid-19th century family photograph emerged out of the autocratic and, at times, intimidating domain of the studio; as the years wore on, the more privileged were able to hire photographers to take images on location. This could be at home, on an excursion, shikar or ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Remember to forget
Sir — Nowadays, we are not much bothered about our heritage. The Glorious Dead Cenotaph in the Maid ...  | Read.. 
Lawless lands
Sir — The Union government’s decision to set up a real estate regulatory authority is a welcome dev ...  | Read.. 
Filth cover
Sir — The amount of squalor that has invaded public spaces is appalling. The area around Golpark an ...  | Read.. 


The empire strikes back has been a common, if a trifle fanciful phrase, among those who want Great Britain to have its comeup...   | Read..
bullet Hard at work
bullet Silver lining
bullet Sweet tongue
bullet Close ties
bullet Hot seat
Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds; and until we know what has been or will be the peculiar combination of outward with inward facts, which constitute a man’s critical actions, it will be better not to think ourselves wise about his character. — GEORGE ELIOT