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Saturday , May 4 , 2013
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Low-cost air time: This is the best time to get on the phone, whether it is to make kissy noises for that “special” friend or to just catch up with the latest gossip thanks to the unbelievably cheap call rates most phone companies offer at these (seemingly) ungodly hours. It is, really, never too late to call.

DND moment: This is one time when parents do not disturb (DND). With most of the household asleep, it is time to assert our said independence. Strutting around wearing new clothes or raiding the fridge at will, this is the time to just do it. Oh, of course, the Cinderella hour is a myth, at least for a lucky few.

High-speed high: The Internet is much faster at night — pages open faster, downloads take mere seconds, YouTube videos actually take the approximated length of time specified and online-streaming finally becomes a fact.

Calling only the lonely: Everyone who is anyone is online past midnight. If the day gives you 10 people on your friendlist on Facebook chat, there are 100 after midnight. This is also the time for multiple-player games online and you can play your turn in Scrabble without having to wait for hours for your friend to respond.

Couch-potato hour: It is time to catch the reruns of shows that were sacrificed at the altar of soaps/ studies/ IPL. Avoiding apocalyptic fights with family over possession of the remote apart, fewer ad breaks make it even more enticing. Plus, one can view innocent kissing scenes without fear of the granny stumbling in and grumbling out.

Bye-bye sun: No better time than the “new evening” to get some respite from the pressure-cooker climate. It’s time to heave a collective sigh of relief before setting out to complete our day.

Football fever: Nothing is bigger than football this season — thanks also to KKR’s poor run in IPL-6 — and with Champions League kicking off post-midnight, there’s no question of turning in early. So who are you betting on, Bayern or Borussia, after the slaughter of Spain?

Snarl-free city: For a lucky few, late nights mean empty roads, and empty roads are synonymous with long drives. Late nights offer release from the tyranny of the red, green and amber. Cars can actually be driven as opposed to a continual shift in pressing down on either the acceleration pedal or the brake.

Midnight munchies: A nightout is incomplete without late-night snacks and tea and in a city that has dhabas like Sharma, Jai Hind and Balwant Singh’s open till late, it is tough to stay away.

Under pressure: So, Rahul is awake and talking to Dev, making plans to bunk college. They may or may not call Priyanka but only after they’re done roping in Tanisha and Neeti. If you sleep at 10pm like a fuddy-duddy you could actually, horror of horrors, end up going to college the next day. It is, often, about staying up to fit in.