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Friday , May 3 , 2013
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Salt Lake

End in view for taxi trouble

Getting taxis to and from the township will no longer be the nightmare it is at present if an initiative taken by the government is a success. Five prepaid taxi booths are coming up in Salt Lake and New Town. They will be manned not by taxi unions, ...  | Read.. 
When prawn meets paneer
Prawn and paneer are usually to be found on separate columns in any restaurant’s menu card, each starring in the non-ve ...  | Read.. 
Lip service to Nature
At a rally held to celebrate Earth Day at Banabitan, the participants were happy to dress up as trees, dance to songs on natu ...  | Read.. 
War against trash, a plot as battlefield
My first reaction was “Yuck!” I was bent down on a garbage heap and my fingers were preparing to pick up a soggy, ...  | Read.. 
Ray’s penfriend
When she was in Class X, Debjani wrote a letter to a person she had never met about a film she had recently seen and loved. S ...  | Read.. 
Right to refuse: Most taxis that wait near City Centre 2 travel only to choice destinations. (Sanat Kumar Sinha)
End in view for taxi trouble