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Friday , April 19 , 2013
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Children’s date with dinosaurs turns alive in 3D

- Theatre screens special morning show of Jurassic Park for underprivileged & differently abled kids

For 50 and odd children, 127 minutes on Thursday morning were full of shriek, shock and excitement.

Most of them yelled at watching Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to gobble up little Lex in front of them. The experience was more than real for the kids as Regent screened a special 3D show of Jurassic Park for the underprivileged and differently abled children at 8.30am.

Lokesh Kumar (13), a student of Class V in Jagriti School run by Inner Wheel Club of Patliputra, had only heard the name of the movie. “But I never watched it. However, Thursday’s experience was out of this world. I never knew that 3D films are like this. A dinosaur was just in front of me and many times it came very close to me. The way the animal ate a man sitting in the toilet, I thought it would come and eat me as well,” said Lokesh.

Lokesh and other children — 25 underprivileged ones from Adalatganj and 25 differently abled Asha School students — were also given 3D glasses to watch the Steven Spielberg film, first released in 2D on June 11, 1993. But the “over-sized sunglasses” — as the kids described it — turned out to be a wonder itself. “I do not need glass to watch the film, why are you giving me these glasses?” an Asha School student asked the theatre staff.

The principal of the Danapur-based school, Alpana Chakraborty, said: “Beta, you will not be able to watch the film properly without these glasses. It will look blurred, it’s a 3D movie not a regular movie.”

In spite of that, the child was not satisfied and did not put on glasses when the film started but soon he realised the picture was not clear. Then he put on the glasses and shouted: “Oh my God! Everything appears to be happening just in front of me.”

Aman Kumar (15), a differently abled student of Class I, looked very excited and enjoyed chips, samosa, popcorn, soft drinks, which were offered to them free of cost. “In the scene where innumerable small dinosaurs were running in a group, I thought they will jump over me too as they came very close to me. I was very scared and took out my glass for some time,” said Archana Kumari, a student of Class III of Jagriti School.

“It was a wonderful experience for me when the animals and other characters were out of the frame as many of them came close to me as well. The children enjoyed the film to the core of their hearts,” said Punam Sinha, the Inner Wheel Club, Patliputra, president.

Suman Kumar Sinha, the theatre owner, was equally happy after watching the film with the children. “I first watched this film in my theatre in 1993 and after so many years, I am enjoying its 3D version. I never thought that it would be so good and different. As far as the children are concerned, we should always think about those people who are cut off from such activities,” he said, adding: “Look at their face, how happy they are. No money can buy that lovely smile and excitement.”

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