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Saturday , March 2 , 2013
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Uh-huh-huh-huh, you too can draw the worthy successors of Beavis and Butt-head with your very own comic strip creator that has hooked Facebook addicts 末 Bitstrips. No keen eye or sense of art is required to play this app and that makes it a perfect tool for a webcomic. Such is its popularity that many FB users have put the Police of Grimsborough (Criminal Case) in a bit of a spot.

The comic strips created using Bitstrips feature the user and his friends. Not only can one create his avatar with all the fine details in place 末 laughing lines, dark circles, chubby cheeks and so on, one can even make characters change their facial expressions.

The app can create three types of drawings 末 Status Comic, Friend Comic featuring FB friends and Greeting Cards. And in every category you are spoilt for choice. Status Comic has categories like ‘moods’, ‘situations’ and ‘announcements’, which in turn have plenty of choices. Say, if you are really happy about something then there are options like ‘on top of the world’ and ‘feels like celebrating’. And if you are down and out, it’s ‘feeling the blues’ for you.

That’s not all folks, one of the best features is the range of realistic ‘scenes’ on offer 末 like ‘just witnessed the aftermath of the holiday season in her bank account’, ‘really gotta go to the bathroom’ and ‘races to make her train’!

This stress buster, or if you prefer boredom killer, is a cool way to interact with friends. The Friend Comic, which can be shared with your friends, is highly addictive. From throwing tantrums to teasing to ROFL moments... it’s all there. Get nasty with someone with comics like ‘XX drops a cannonball on YY’ or ‘XX interrupts YY’s private time’. The comic avatar blends perfectly with the situations, which can also be edited.

Customising one’s avatar is one of the most interesting aspects of the app. You can change your jaw structure, the shape of your nose and the length of your eyelashes.

So, go ahead and recreate a frame from The Simpsons with Homer shouting: “Oh, so they have Internet on Facebook now!”