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Monday , February 25 , 2013
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Dry week forecast after wet Sunday

- Morning drizzle brings down maximum temperature

Clouds and intermittent drizzle because of a western disturbance caught residents of the capital unawares on Sunday. But worry not. The skies would be clearer soon.

Ashish Sen, the director of India Meteorological Department (IMD), told The Telegraph on Sunday: “The western disturbance that originated over central Pakistan around a week ago was expected to pass through latitudes above Bihar, leaving no effect on the prevailing weather in the state. But it turned southwards towards Jharkhand and covered Bihar as well. As the western disturbance is quite weak, it caused light drizzle. The skies would be clearer on Monday.”

As the clouds did not lead to much rainfall in the evening, several residents went out.

“I did not venture out in the afternoon apprehending rain, but I enjoyed a long drive with my wife in the evening. The weather seemed very soothing,” said Shubham Kumar, a resident of the Boring Road area.

Soon after Shubham was home, it started drizzling from around 8.30pm.

The western disturbance did not lead to much rainfall till evening but weathermen claimed that it led to temporary fluctuation in temperature.

The cloud cover restricted the radiation from the earth’s surface to rise to the upper layers of the atmosphere in the morning. As a result, the minimum temperature surged from 14.2°C recorded on Saturday to 17.7°C on Sunday, six notches above normal.

The maximum temperature dropped slightly on Sunday because of the cloud cover during the daytime. It stood at 25.9°C on Sunday, whereas it stood at 29.1°C on Saturday.

“However, the temperature would rise from Monday onwards,” said Sen.

He added: “Normally, three western disturbances are expected to pass through Bihar in February every year, leading to winter rain. But four western disturbances hit Bihar this month.”

The Met department has officially confirmed the departure of winter from Bihar.

“According to meteorology, winter is said to have officially departed from a place when the minimum temperature consistently remains above 13°C for over a week at this time of the year. Such condition is prevailing in Bihar and it can be said that winter has officially departed from the state,” said Sen.

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