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Saturday , February 23 , 2013
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A novelist in the ashram

n 1930, Mahatma Gandhi launched the Salt March — his second major campaign against British colonial rule. Although it generated a wide swathe of support, his movement was vigorously opposed by two groups of Indians — those who thought Gandhi and his Congress party represented Hindus but not Muslims, and those ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Bring peace
Sir — The government of West Bengal has taken the right decision by advising colleges to suspend el ...  | Read.. 
In peril
Sir — It is sad to hear about the death of pilgrims in a stampede near the Allahabad railway statio ...  | Read.. 
Highly suspicious
Sir — I was travelling to Chandernagore recently. As soon as the train left the station, I saw some ...  | Read.. 
Dirty secret
Sir — Children take great pleasure in visiting the zoo. They are fascinated by the antics of such a ...  | Read.. 


Facts of history have a finality about them. They cannot be undone. Thus nothing can alter the fact that on a fateful afterno...   | Read..
One man against the establishment
Anjan Dutt’s deliberate exit from theatre 20 years ago deprived the Bengali stage of a potential game-changer, a young, thoughtful, cosmopolitan voice that could have transfor...  | Read.. 
Quite a bit of Picasso
For a man who spent a troubled — if not traumatic — boyhood and youth, Prakash Karmakar’s art remains surprisingly distanced from the underbelly of society per se. He g...  | Read.. 
Fine selection
Whether you decide to wear a skullcap, a Gandhi cap, a baseball cap or a hat, your headgear defines your personal, religious, social or political standing. Be it a turban, flo...  | Read.. 
Time to stem the rot
On Sunday, March 18, 1984, Vinod Mehta — who was the deputy commissioner of police, Calcutta port division — was brutally kil...  | Read.. 
The weight of the old world is stifling, and trying to shovel its weight off your life is tiring just to think about. The constant shuttling of opinions is tiring, and the shuffling of papers across desks, the chopping of logic and the trimming of attitudes. There must, somewhere, be a simpler, more violent world. — HILARY MANTEL