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Friday , February 22 , 2013
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Play explores relationships

Artistes stage the play Please Mat Jao at Rabindra Mandap in Bhubaneswar. Picture by Ashwinee Pati

Bhubaneswar, Feb. 21: Bhopal-based theatre group Third Bell delivered a power-packed performance on the second day of the ongoing 15th Kalinga Natya Mahotsav.

Their play Please Mat Jao was staged on Wednesday evening. Vijay Tendulkar had written the play and Anup Joshi directed it.

The play is about three people in search of love and happiness. Rajiv played by Chandrahas Tiwary is a selfish man who marries a rich girl but later realises that he has committed a mistake and divorces his wife. He goes back to his old flame Savita, who was once a topper in college. She had become a recluse after Rajiv left her. But now that he is back, she promises to make him happy.

Rajiv in his mirth wishes to light up the room but Savita protests. As he lights up the room, Savita reveals that she has lost her vision. Given the selfish man Rajiv is, he leaves Savita as she keeps pleading him not to go.

On another occasion, Rajiv’s car breaks down near a red light area. As he scurries away, he meets Sujata. She asks him to save her from rogues but Rajiv refuses. Sujata tells him that she has lost her way in the new city and thus ended up in the red light area. Now, needs a place to stay for the night. Rajiv finally agrees to help her.

Over coffee at his place, Sujata asks him why he stays alone. While telling her the story of his life, he falls asleep. Next morning, Sujata reveals that she is a sex worker who wanted to spend one night like a respected woman. Seeking companionship, Rajiv implores Sujata not to go but she leaves saying that if he could not love Savita, how could he love her?

The two scenes where both Rajiv and Savita plead someone were exceptional. The actors were exceptionally brilliant portraying their respective characters. The background score and lights were in sync with the mood. The dialogues were laden with satire and sarcasm. The play received a standing ovation.

“The expressions of the artistes were immaculate while the story touches your soul,” said Deepak Rath, a local resident.