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Give Me Your Tooth And I’ll Give You...

From a waitress in Los Angeles to a global teen sensation, 25-year-old American singer Ke$ha has quickly befriended rock sensation Iggy Pop, and a lot more to deliver her third album, Warrior. She brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels, wears tooth-studded bras and, of course, makes cool music. An email chat with t2

There are more rock elements in Warrior (RCA), than in your previous two efforts, Animal and Cannibal...

I actually wanted to bring back the era of rock ’’ roll; people always say that it has died. Well, I’m here to revive it. If you cut me up, my blood will flow with rock ’’ roll sounds.

What inspired your songwriting this time?

The album is a compilation of my experiences. It has party numbers, songs about my erotic paranormal experience with a male ghost; it also has songs about past regressions. I’ve always written songs about partying hard because that is what I do and believe in!

Did you want the album’s title to reflect a progression from Animal and Cannibal?

The title actually reflects what I feel about myself. I’m fearless, careless, do what I believe in, so in a way I’m a warrior. The previous titles also reflect a part of me. I always focus on the present and care less about the future. I’ve always said that I’m an animal; I don’t like hiding my natural animalistic instincts. Well, I just wanted to spread a positive message –– everyone has a warrior in them.

The album also brings in the guitar, which was missing in Cannibal

I like to experiment with everything… be it clothes, my style or my songs. I love the guitar and have played it since childhood. I wanted this album to be motherf****** awesome.

What made you choose a number of collaborators –– Iggy Pop, Bonnie McKee, the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne,…?

Iggy Pop has been my idol ever since my brother introduced me to him and his music. He is the reason I’m doing music. Regarding the other artistes, I think when you want to create the magic of 1970s rock, damn it why not have some guitars… Besides and myself rapping, we have Bonnie and Wayne with their vocals and then Patrick on the drums. I know it sounds weird, but I hope my passionate animals (fans) love it.

Beyond music, how important to your image are stuff like the penis suit (her 2012 Halloween suit), pro-beard message, bra made using your fans’ teeth?

All that stuff is a part of my style, which is designed and thought up by an animal –– myself. I guess I like that weird humour with beards and giant penis suit dancing. My animals support me and love me the way I show myself. That was proved when people showed up at my concerts with real or fake beards just for me and when I received over 1,000 teeth of my animals so I could make a bra and earrings out of them.

What can fans expect from your illustrated memoir, My Crazy Beautiful Life?

It is going to be fun and people will actually get to see that I party hard while taking vodka shots. Also that I truly brush my teeth with Jack Daniels and all I care about is my family, fans, music, boyfriends and most importantly, the message I want to deliver to my audience.

You are a livewire act on stage. Do you record songs keeping in mind the effect it would have on stage?

Naah! The songs that I record are mostly party numbers, so they will be amazing for whoever performs them. When I perform, I add my beastly self, which improves the stage acts. I love putting on glitter and body paint, besides contributing to the livewire performances.

What is the kind of music you grew up on?

While growing up I used to see my mother who was in a punk band. She used to sing while I used to look after her guitar case.

Any message for your fans in India?

It’s amazing to hear that I’ve a huge fan following in India. My message to those animals would be the same: “Stay who you are. Stay animals!”

Mathures Paul

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