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Friday , February 15 , 2013
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Ever since I was a kid, the first thing I did after waking up in the morning was brush my teeth. All that changed once I signed up for Facebook. Now my day starts and ends with FB... not just posting pictures and status updates like I used to in the beginning, but making sure I have collected my daily bonus seeing if the lab has sent in the reports.

Don’t know what I mean? Then you are not hooked to one of the coolest games on FB.

Even till a month back, I hated virtual friends who kept sending game requests and I even put up a status note asking them to spare me the horror of playing these games!

Boredom, curiosity and determination proved to be a deadly combination when I saw all my friends playing Criminal Case on Facebook and I ended up joining the game and got reeled in hook, line and sinker.

Ever played chor-poolish as a kid? Then you’ll understand where this fascination comes from. This game lands you smack in the middle of action where you join the police department in the city of Grimsborough, investigating everything from murder to drug lords and, yes, the mafia.

You move from scenes like Junkyard Garden and Dirty Bathroom to Minimarket and the Warehouse, hunting for clues, nabbing and interrogating suspects and analysing findings. You even get promotions while you are at it!

What makes CC fun, and well, keeps you hooked, is the hidden-objects format, where you have to look for objects listed at different crime scenes. The faster you are at locating the listed objects the better your score and that is the best part of the game. Being able to locate the items without using any hints, in the shortest time possible, is an inexplicable feeling. And your partner screaming out silent encouragement from the corner of your screen enhances your sense of achievement.

Once you have scoured the location for information, the fully-equipped forensic department and the laboratory analyse the collected information and form a crude profile of the criminal. The ultimate aim is to identify and finally nail the criminal from the suspect list.

Unlocking new levels, collecting stars, customising the character avatar make the game wow! The graphics, rewards and background music add to the drama.

The only drawback? The energy used up to play the game is replenished very slowly.

The fact that almost everyone you know on FB is on Criminal Case and eager to share, exchange and help with cards (play to find out!), energy and reports… you will never run out of partners… at least not in the foreseeable future.

At last, a game that does not entail mindless purchasing, selling, decorating and cultivating! This is where the action is. And being addressed as Deputy Pramita is far cooler than being addressed as a farmer in Farmville.