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Tuesday , February 12 , 2013
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Two guys on two sides of the valentine’s day divide — a believer and a hater — slug it out over whatsapp

The Meal

BELIEVER: I’ve been saving up for months to take her out for a candle-lit dinner to her favourite restaurant on Park Street. I will make sure that the dessert is a customised cake of her favourite flavour. Throw in a bottle of bubbly and...

HATER: What’s the big deal?! If it has to be about spending time together why can’t you just take her to the nearest cha stall and give her a cup of tea for an intimate adda by the streetlight? If she loves you, she’ll stick.

The date

BELIEVER: What can be more romantic than a boat ride under the Howrah bridge at sunset? We could then watch the latest movie at a plex. Have the perfect dinner and end the evening lying on her terrace holding hands and gazing at the stars.

HATER: Couldn’t you just rent a movie? Stay at home and watch it? Every place is crowded, restaurants have long queues and nightclubs have married couples dancing in sari and kurta! So stay in and show the love at home. If she loves you, she’ll stick.

The colour

BELIEVER: Red and pink have to be the colours. I will either wear a red tie with a suit or a light pink shirt. And she has so many choices in the two colours.

HATER: Er... why can’t it be black?! I look better in black! And neither red nor pink is her colour. She is more of a “blue” person. Why would I make myself look silly just because the occasion demands it?

The gift

BELIEVER: Red roses (the more the merrier and the happier she will be), a handmade card, wallet, perfume, watch, book on romantic poetry, teddy bear, the list is endless, but the more personal the gift the better.

HATER: Why do we have to give gifts today? Will it be anything less special if I give her something tomorrow? Or a month later? There is always her birthday! And what about a heart full of love? Doesn’t that mean anything?