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Pinky Kenworthy on the day look of the actors:

For Ridhima: I did not want it to be too formal. So, the white georgette dress had a bit of bead embroidery. That added a dash of glamour. And then the denim jacket, which adds to the casual day look and so do the floral shoes. It also breaks the whole mould of wearing red lipstick only in the evening. I thought red lips at daytime is most apt. I just let the look be romantic.

For Gaurav: It’s simple yet quite cool. White shirt, white waistcoat, a pair of jeans and red shoes, that add to the youthfulness. The green glasses… cool! The white-and-white combination works because we gave him blue jeans and red shoes and those funky green glasses. And we waxed his hair into spikes.

Pinky and Abhijit Chanda work on Ridhima’s day look

ridhima on her look

This is the first time I wore red lipstick and black nail polish! I was never confident enough to carry it off. Thank God you guys made me try it, and I think I am looking nice! I still have the black nail polish on! And I might try the red lips in future. I love the night look a lot. I have never worn a long skirt and that too with boots and a white shirt. The day look is more me; I am a jeans-tee and shorts-tee kind of person. But I love both the looks. I wish there was more!


White georgette cocktail dress: Label (Ritu Kumar, 4 Woodburn Court Road)

Denim jacket, watch, hairband and ring: Stylist’s own

Printed pumps and bag: Aldo (Forum Courtyard)


White linen waistcoat: Burlingtons’ (43 Park Mansions, Park Street)

Watch: Rado (Forum)

Jeans: Levi’s (19A Shakespeare Sarani, near Camac Street crossing)

gaurav on his look

I have never tried such looks before! When I had short hair, I had tried the spiked look but a spiky look with such long hair… never! This is by far my most experimental look. I was a little sceptical about the green glasses but at the end, I quite liked it! I personally like the second look better. Red has been my favourite and I am fond of Wayfarers.

straight from the heart

What does V-Day mean to you?

Ridhima: I am a little filmi! I would love to go on a drive or a dinner date. And it’s extra special because it’s my son Rufus’s (her Labrador, 3 years old) birthday.

Gaurav: Valentine’s Day is not something that I have always believed in. Love should be there all year round. It is a western concept that has been well accepted by our generation.

Your guy must have…

Ridhima: A good personality. Sense of humour. He should be honest and straightforward. He should make me feel important; that’s very important! His smile and eyes should say it all.

Your girl must be...

Gaurav: Someone I can talk to. We should be on the same wavelength. That’s my only requirement. Looks are not important.

You’d like to see him in…

Ridhima: I would like my boyfriend to dress like he usually does… in jeans and shirts or even shorts and tees. He looks good in anything! I just like him to be casual because that’s how I am.

You’d like to see her in…

Gaurav: In a dress. A woman always looks great in one.

Gifts you’d like to get…

Ridhima: If I start listing, you would run out of pages! I love perfumes. I would like my second Ralph Lauren Romance. I would just be happy if I could get loads of dresses, shoes and bags!

Gaurav: Any DVD would do! I love watching films and I love collecting DVDs.

Three films you can watch back-to-back on V-Day…

Ridhima: A Walk to Remember. It is my all-time favourite. DDLJ and Pretty Woman. I love Richard Gere.

Gaurav: Maybe a Shah Rukh Khan movie marathon? I am quite a big fan. DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa.

Books that make for perfect V-Day presents…

Ridhima: I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks. His stories are touching and romantic.

Gaurav: Dev Anand’s autobiography (Romancing With Life) and Steve Jobs’s biography (Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson).

Songs you’d dedicate to your Valentine...

Ridhima: Save The Last Dance For Me — I dedicate this to my boyfriend!

Gaurav: Your Body Is a Wonderland by John Mayer, I Want You by Bob Dylan and Chhoo kar mere mann ko.

When it’s Pinky Kenworthy, expect quirks, expect fun! That’s exactly what Gaurav Chakrabarty and Ridhima got when the model-turned-artist turned stylist for t2...

The v-day look book

“For me, this shoot is just like how I put my art together. So creative... I had such a blast!” says Pinky, creating a day and a night look for V-Day. “The day look is all about young love, the playfulness of it. The night look is romantic but naughty,” she adds. Here’s how you can also try these super-fun looks...

tips for him:

1. Experiment. Please do not make it too serious. If you must wear a dark suit, pair it with printed Converse and add some quirky glasses or a fun watch. If you are wearing a statement jacket, it is better to keep everything else simple and basic because it just ends up looking too much.

2. You can colour-block. What about a pink jacket with powder-blue shirt and white pants, and maybe play with prints on shoes, socks and scarves?

3. No stripes and checks on Valentine’s Day! Skinny jeans and pointy shoes are also so not-happening!

In your pocket: Credit card.

tips for her:

1. What not to do is wear too much make-up. You are going to be in close proximity with your partner and you can’t be scaring him away!

2. There’s so much you can do with your hair — side buns, curls, hairband, bows…. If you are wearing hairbands, don’t wear earrings. Young people don’t need so much jewellery.

3. Slip on a pair of fluorescent shoes.

In your handbag: Lipstick!


Pinky Kenworthy on the night look of the actors:

For Ridhima: She is wearing an elaborate and glamorous lehnga with a simple white shirt. And with that sling bag, it is a modern gypsy look. It’s naughty because her shirt is almost see-through! The choker is actually a bracelet.

For Gaurav: It is again breaking a mould as people think that red is a colour for girls. The look is kept minimal with just a nice pair of jeans and T-shirt. The red jacket adds naughtiness.

Make-up pro Abhijit Chanda on...

Day look: It’s dewy with a sweep of red on the lips. I used shades of brown and really thick mascara for her eyes. Peachish-brown was the colour for her cheeks.

Tip: If you are not sure what to wear, go for brown. It is a neutral shade that complements any look.

Night look: I used a gel-based liner, dusted her cheekbones, nose and forehead with shimmer and gave her face a brush of peach blush. The lips are nude with a touch of pinkish lip pencil. We did French plaits on one side and then a casual pile-up. Very boho chic.

Tip: Gel liners are great in humid weather.

It is perfect for oily skin.

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