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Survival Strategies

Suhel Seth has an unconventional take on personal problems - and their solutions

My parents got divorced five years ago and I have lived with my mother ever since. She's done a lot for me and we are very close to each other.

Recently, I came to know that she has been seeing someone — her colleague from a previous workplace — for a couple of years now and that they plan to tie the knot soon. Though I would love to see my mother happy, I somehow cannot seem to come to terms with the thought of her getting married again How do I deal with this situation?

Name and address withheld

Look son, she is getting married and not you. So, why are you so bothered? Besides, you should be happy she is marrying someone and not sleeping around with every man she meets at the club.

She has every right to be happy and you must be man enough to allow her that. This whole thing of I-cannot-see-my-mother-with-another-man is ludicrous and the sooner you realise this, the better off you shall be. Just let her get married and ensure the man she marries is not a lout and is rich: the rest will sort itself out automatically.

My daughter is of marriageable age. Recently I began the process of looking for grooms for her. But one of these days, to my dismay, my daughter broke into tears in front of me and confessed her love for her cousin, my nephew who is getting married this year. Though it came as a shock, I still can't bear to see my daughter's plight. She is suffering a lot and I want to help. What should I do?

Name and address withheld

I am not aware of your family history or how you guys treat incest. Look if she and that nephew of yours are keen on getting married then let them: it will be far better than her cheating on her future husband and still making out with your nephew on the banks of the Hooghly. We have evolved as a society and must allow this kind of thing to happen if it does. If the royals could marry each other at the drop of a trouser, why can't your daughter? And you also seem to be a nice kind of chap, so what's the issue? Move with the flow Uncle...


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