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Derek O'Brien

An old friend of mine still smiles. Still laughs. But inside, he is hurting. He is one of three million Indians suffering from the dreaded Big C. The world's oldest documented case of cancer is found in the Edwin Smith papyrus from Egypt, dated 1500 BC. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, a Greek physician, believed that the body was composed of four fluids: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile; and that an excess of black bile in the body caused cancer. This was the general thought of the cause of cancer for the next 1,400 years. Hippocrates also gave the disease its name, calling it karkinos because he thought that the tumour resembled a crab. Perish these negative thoughts. Smile. Laugh... because for every cancer survivor (my friend too will be one, I pray) Life After Cancer is Worth Living.

Your Questions

  • Identify this actor

  1. In which year was Jana Gana Mana adopted as the national anthem?
    Roma Ahmad, Calcutta
  2. Which is the first and oldest national park in Assam?
    Pranjal Kishore Sharma, Assam
  3. Who was world's first woman President?
    Atin Guha Thakurta, Calcutta
  4. Which term is used to define the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet where it is nearest to the sun?
    Soumya Srijana, Bokaro
  5. Which was the first item to be registered under the GI Act for patenting?
    Indrani Ray, Calcutta
  6. Which book is divided into four parts named Dudher Sagar, Rup Tarashi, Chang Byang and Aam Sandesh?
    Arupratan Aich, Hooghly
  7. Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha is the sole manufacturer and supplier of what in India?
    Chanchal Singha, Burnpur
  8. Whose birthday is celebrated as National Youth Day in India?
    Rajdeep Deb, Calcutta
  9. The novel, The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz, marked the official return of which fictional character?
    Shilpa Roy, Calcutta



    1. Identify this entrepreneur

    2. Identify this politician

This year, World Cancer Day will focus on dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding the killer disease under the tag line: Cancer — Did You Know? Let me do my bit by dispelling one such myth: The belief that hair dye causes brain cancer is not true and there is no medical evidence to suggest so.


If a person went for an Ishihara Test, what would he be possibly suffering from?

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Winner of the Answer and Win Quiz published on 13.01.13

Shilpa Roy, Calcutta

Which game was created by architect Alfred Mosher Butts and initially named Lexico?

The Answer is: Scrabble (Criss Cross Words)

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  1. 1950
  2. Kaziranga National Park
  3. Marma Estela 'Isabel'Martinez Cartas de Peron
  4. Perihelion
  5. Madhubani painting
  6. Thakurmar Jhuli
  7. Indian National Flag
  8. Swami Vivekananda
  9. Sherlock Holmes


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Jairam Ramesh