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Wednesday , January 30 , 2013
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Mouthful of cadbury mishti
(Clockwise from top left) Mishti’s Kaku Pijush tries his luck at eating the mishti without using his hands; Mishti’s Mama Biswanath is treated to a Choco Dream by Pijush; runner-up Mayuri Banerjee receives her prize from Pijush and Biswanath; participants attack their plate of sweets for the Cadbury mishti-eating contest at Kamdhenu’s.

Kamdhenu’s @ Baghajatin

My excitement knew no bounds as I headed for my favourite mishti-r dokan, Kamdhenu’s, at the Baghajatin crossing on Friday. The occasion was Mishti’s wedding with Cadbury and Mishti’s relatives, Mama Biswanath Bose and Kaku Pijush Ganguly, were ready to see Calcuttans fight it out at the mishti-eating contest as part of Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti, held in association with Anandabazar Patrika and The Telegraph.

The rule was simple — the one to devour the maximum number of Cadbury mishtis in 15 seconds without using his or her hands would be the champion. There were around 20 contestants waiting for their fastest-hogger-first moment.

A plate with four Choco Balls, Kamdhenu’s signature Cadbury mishti, was served to each. The whistle blew and Mission Mishti began. I had no idea that swallowing the balls of chocolate sandesh with nuggets of Cadbury inside could be such a task! Time was running out. Through the corner of my eyes I noticed that every contestant was having a trying time fitting them into their mouth. Biswanath and Pijush joined the contest in a show of solidarity.

I soon realised that swallowing the mishtis without chewing them would not be possible. That meant more time consumed. I shut my eyes and gave it my best shot. The moment I finished the last sweet on my plate I looked up gingerly, hoping to have secured at least the third position.

What I saw was enough to bring the smile of success to my sandesh-smeared lips. The stopwatch declared 11 seconds and nobody had finished yet! “Ki korle, guru! Mone holo straw diye tene neeley mishtigulo (Wow! It seemed as if you were sucking on the sweets with a straw),” exclaimed Biswanath.

Mayuri Banerjee, a student of NSHM business school, came a close second. And Mishti’s Kaku still had two Choco Balls left on his plate! “Congratulations! Here’s your prize,” said Pijush, as he handed over a hamper of Cadbury Celebrations to each of us.

Now that’s what I call a story with a sweet ending, the story of Mishti and Cadbury!

Talk shop: “Mishti’s wedding has made the Cadbury mishtis the top pick for customers placing bulk orders for their wedding receptions,” said shop manager Kaberi Acharjee.

Pop picks: Cadbury Dream, Cadbury Can, Choco Ball, Cadbury Lot, Cadbury Toast.

Sibendu Das

(From top) Mishti’s Kakima Locket and Boudi Soumili join the contestants at Kasturi on Friday; Locket treats Soumili to a Choco Cone; participants show off their “hands-off” mishti-eating skills; winner Ipshita Nandi collects her Cadbury Celebrations gift-pack from Locket and Soumili.

Kasturi Sweets @ Howrah

The Cadbury-Mishti wedding celebrations reached Howrah as Kasturi Sweets organised a mishti-eating contest on

January 25. On offer was Choco Laila along with 19 other varieties of Cadbury mishtis. The mishti lovers had to finish a plate of sweets within 30 seconds. Mishti’s Kakima Locket Chatterjee and Boudi Soumili Biswas tried their hand, er, mouth (they had to keep their hands behind their back) at polishing off their plate first.

“It was real fun participating in something so enjoyable! More than winning, it was the participation that mattered,” said Ipshita Nandi, a homemaker who won the contest.

Celebspeak: “Soumili, the notun bou, was really shy during the mishti-eating competition. Since I have more experience I gobbled up the mishti,” smiled Locket. “The celebrations have gained momentum. Every day more people are becoming a part of this unique wedding,” said Soumili.

Talk shop: “This is the first time we are participating and we feel privileged that this year the Cadbury Mishti celebrations have spread outside Calcutta and reached us here in Howrah,” said Kasturi partner Sukanta Mukherjee.

Pop picks: Choco Ball, Choco Laila, Choco Cone, Choco Fulshojya.