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World VS Cafe!

Last Man Standing

why star world is my world

I think I have lost some weight. Thank you, STAR World!


Am I on a workout programme designed for potatoes, to be executed exclusively on the couch?

Do I pace around the room non-stop while watching TV?

Break into a set of suryanamaskars during ad breaks?

Or make feverishly quick dashes up and down the stairs?

Am I replacing meals with a shake spotted in a commercial on the channel?

None of the above.

I simply sit back, relax and watch TV while having dinner. This (mostly) homey dinner is a small percentage of the calories I would have consumed on a night out that I would have planned more often than not if I wasn’t SO hooked to Packed to the Rafters. I’ve a DND sign on from 9pm Monday to Friday, a daily date with STAR World.

Melissa & Joey

Yes, I have heard of Tata Sky Plus. No, I don’t want to record the episode/series for later viewing. Yes, I have heard of downloading. And no, I am not dying to see the episode/series before everyone else on my laptop.

It’s okay if my take on Ashton Kutcher vs Charlie Sheen comes months later when STAR World finally airs the newest season of Two and a Half Men. It’s also okay if the world has moved on from New Girl to just Girls. And I am still in love with Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) when everyone’s girl-crushing on Lena Dunham (Girls).

My Twitter handle could easily resemble that of a STAR World PR girl’s and I have to stop myself from TV-tweeting. Sometimes I can’t resist. “So even Rachel Rafter succumbs to skinny”. Come on, with such a crucial observation in hand, I just had to tweet.

You get the drift… STAR World rocks my world. Especially these five fab shows at the moment…

Melissa & Joey: She’s the local politician. He’s the male nanny. Together they are bringing up Mel’s sister’s kids Lennox and Ryder. The household, now in their second season, is a riot. She can teach curvy women a trick or two about dressing. And he can inspire men to bake a batch of brownies. #win

How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM: No, I am not sick of How I Met Your Mother reruns. Crazy Barney still cracks me up, ravishing Robin still wows me, Lily Pad and Marshall still make marriage look like paradise and Ted, well, Ted still hasn’t managed to convince me that men like that exist in the real world. #fail

Packed to the Rafters: So this one is different from the current sitcom genre. You don’t just ROFL for those 22 minutes and forget about it. Endorsed by Karan Johar, who harped on its all-about-loving-your family angle, this hour is as filmi as (Hindi) filmi can get. Mommy Julie Rafter has her hands — and house — full with three kids Rachel, Ben and Nathan (and another on the way!), father, daughter-in-law and handsome husband Dave. Some heart it for the sexy Australian accents. And me? Well, I just love all the drama! #dramaqueen

Two and a Half Men: So much fun to re-see all the fun times inside the Malibu beach house of the original trio. The good ol’ times when Jake was all chubby and cute. #missings

Last Man Standing: Big shout out for a new show! It’s got all the trappings of a hit — a much-in-love couple and their three girls who couldn’t be more different from the other. Tim Allen makes the smooth transition from Home Improvement to Mike Baxter. #hahafunny

P.S.: I don’t do Grey’s Anatomy. Just out of love for my friends and family and workplace. Because I am a hypochondriac and if I start watching all those ER situations, I’ll soon start imagining it all in myself. You are welcome F(amily), F(riends) &W(orkplace)! #smallmercies

P.P.S.: I miss you Castle. My brother has you all downloaded but I won’t cheat. While I wait for you on STAR World, your books are keeping me busy. #loveyouforever

Shradha Agarwal


Exploring the anatomy of medical practice, peeking into mom’s past or making us meet the new normal. For me, it’s always been STAR World > Zee Cafe. Till ZC started airing The Vampire Diaries last year. I was hooked enough to carry on my love affair with the channel even when Damon, Stefan and Elena went out of it. Here are four Zee Cafe shows that have me hooked...

The Middle: I discovered The Middle one weeknight when I switched channels after STAR World was airing possibly the fifth rerun of the Two and a Half Men episode in which Charlie throws Alan out of the house and he runs back to ex-wife Judith. And there it was, my 11pm fix (of course, till Homeland started airing on STAR World last week, but I still catch the morning rerun of The Middle). Charming and fun, The Middle is all about the family, but not in the nauseatingly saccharine-sweet Karan Johar kind of way. The Hecks are a fun lot: mom Frankie and dad Mike are an average American couple struggling with parenthood. Eldest son Axl is a sarcastic teen who mostly walks around the house in his boxers; Sue is their awkward daughter who has no talent whatsoever but believes she does; the last-born Brick (who makes The Middle a must-watch) buries his face in a book all day, has no social skills and mostly talks to his backpack. The Hecks struggle to get through each day and make it count, but that isn’t easy because as Frankie says: ‘Having one child makes you a parent; with two you are a referee; and having three, puts you in the middle!’

The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle: Secret cults, witchcraft and the power of the unknown combine to make The Secret Circle an intriguing watch. The story of a coven of young college-going witches who chance upon unforeseen dangers at every step, The Secret Circle is in the same mould as The Vampire Diaries, having been written by the same author L.J. Smith. It may require a certain suspension of disbelief but it is fun to see a bunch of teens make drops of water hover in mid-air, get cars to erupt in flames and cause thunderstorms out of nowhere.


Numb3rs: AXN may have aired it before, but I have re-discovered Numb3rs and I kind of like what I have seen so far — and considering Zee Cafe is airing Seasons 1 to 6, there is quite a lot left to see! Each episode starts off with FBI agent Don Eppes investigating a crime with his genius mathematician brother Charlie. While Don attempts to crack the case on the basis of clues and suspects, Charlie employs a mathematical model, most often using numbers to solve murders. Intrigue, suspense, drama, family ties and a hint of romance define Numb3rs.

American Dad!: Okay, this ain’t no Simpsons, but it’s kind of fun watching the dysfunctional Smith family in this animated sitcom. Parents Stan and Francine and their children — adolescent Steve and new-age hippie Hayley — make up this charming laugh riot. Hayley’s stoner husband Jeff Fischer and the family’s pet, Klaus, who is a man in a fish’s body, and Roger, an alien who Stan has rescued and hidden in the family attic, are what make me tune into American Dad! whenever I can.

P.S.: The two episodes aired so far of Perception — a crime drama in which a schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist assists the FBI to solve cases — shows promise.

Bring it on Zee Café!

Priyanka Roy

STAR World or Zee Cafe — where do your loyalties lie and why? Tell

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