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Friday , January 18 , 2013
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XnoiZe is all about enjoying freedom

His name is Barak and it’s pronounced “just like Barack in Barack Obama”, says Israeli DJ Barak Argaman, one half of psytrance duo XnoiZe and Major7. In town to play a set for Wednesday’s Girls’ Night Out at Tantra, t2 cornered him for a bow-wow…

What unites and separates XnoiZe and Major7, your two projects with Nadav Bonen?

XnoiZe was our first project. It’s full-on trance and psychedelic trance with high BPM (beats per minute). At the end of 2010 we felt the need to grow and thus Major7, which is progressive psytrance with techno elements. The BPM is a good 10 counts lower at 132-138. But the pumping basslines and breaks unite the two. Most people in India and Moscow prefer XnoiZe but a place like Goa prefers psychedelic Major7.

Your favourite spot for music in India?

Goa is really the ultimate destination. I first visited Goa in 2001. After a three-year stint in the army, Israelis usually work for one year, save money and then head for either Brazil or India. I chose India and stayed for six months.

So, Goa inspired you to make a career out of music?

Well, in Israel we have something called “nature parties”, which are held outdoors and in “secret” locations. I started attending these and met Nadav who had a similar story. So, we formed XnoiZe.

What makes Israel such a big destination for psytrance?

It could be because of our political situation… the wars. After three years in the army everyone wants to enjoy freedom. The present generation enjoys something others haven’t –– parties.

Besides trance, what do you listen to?

Everything. You have to be receptive to all kinds of music –– from Israeli stuff to Nine Inch Nails to Pink Floyd.