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Monday , January 7 , 2013
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The Shoppes Grand Canal.

The Titanic exhibit

Unlike Leonardo DiCaprio in the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic, there is no need to gamble for a spot on Titanic: The Exhibition. You will be handed a board pass with a real passenger’s name. How’s that for authenticity! The exhibit that marks the centenary of the ship’s sinking draws liberally from the James Cameron film. Not surprising then that you have a Rose moment or five! So imagine yourself as Rose DeWitt Bukater, your silk gown sweeping the grand staircase seductively as you rush down to meet Jack Dawson. Or stand with your arms stretched on the highest deck, the wind blowing through your hair. Many artefacts, which were onboard that fateful night, have been recreated, making for a thought-provoking walk through the galleries.

Take some time off and soak it in on the Promenade Deck. Look up and stargaze — they have even recreated the position of the North Atlantic stars on 14.4.1912 as was seen by the passengers and lowered the temperature by a few degrees. At the end of the tour, find out if you are on the survivors’ list or not! On till February 24, it’s an unforgettable voyage.

A gondolier rows on the canal

The Human Bodies exhibition

From fantastical reality aboard the Titanic, come down to earth at another exhibition (also on till February 24) at the Venetian. This one makes you snap out of Rose and Jack’s and takes you right back to the backbench of your biology class in school. Real human bodies preserved through a treatment called plastinates surround you. If you are a doctor, you will be totally at home here. If not, you might take a minute to get used to all the blood and bones.

The big gamble

‘Dream big. Win big.’ These four little words welcome you to the casino underbelly (who are we kidding, it’s pretty much all belly!) of Macao. The casino at Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel is larger than life with its own soundtrack — dramatic heart-thumping music. There are gambling counters inspired by fishing, Sex And The City and everything in between. Try your hand at no-commission baccarat, poker or craps (it’s a real game!) but if you are on the hunt for a no-talent-just-beginner’s-luck kinda table, it’s impossible because you will be lost in translation!

Shop till you drop

OMG! Whether you are a shopaholic or not, this is the first gasp to escape your mouth. The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel is full of shops. Shops at the main lobby, shops near the south lobby, more towards the north lobby but the most beautiful stretch is Shoppes Grand Canal. This is also where you board a 20-minute gondola ride. Blue waters below and blue skies above (painted to perfection, it takes a while to believe it’s not natural daylight), lie back, enjoy your gondolier’s music and spot the shops you want to eventually hop to. There’s a huge Zara (for your daily sartorial needs) and a fun Furla store where you can drool over their latest — and very delicious — Candy collection. And then there’s the ultimate luxury aura surrounding Shoppes at Four Seasons, interconnected to the Venetian. Fendi, Burberry, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton... name it and you will see itů and perhaps even have it.

Bite right

It’s a foodie’s paradise. Exciting restaurants dot the property, rustling up a mean meal of Chinese, Japanese, Asian and Western flavours. For a quick bite, it’s Red Dragon Noodles. Situated in the heart of the casino, it’s wholesome and well-priced. If in doubt, order their sticky rice and chicken in a bowl.

The Grand Staircase on the Titanic

For a more luxurious meal, book a table at North. They serve Dongbei and Sichuan cuisines. In Macao, whether you are feasting on Beijing-style duck or lamb racks, slow-cooked sliced fish in spicy broth or sushi and dumplings, weight is not something to worry about. When in China, eat when the Chinese do. Early dinner plus endless cuppas of jasmine tea ensure you don’t pile on the pounds. And if you have Asian food coming out of the ears, head to the hip Portofino for modern Italian. Their Tiramisu is divine.

PS: Vegetarians might struggle a bit but don’t hesitate to ask for options.