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Sankranti rush spurs milk scan

Regular raids would be conducted to check the quality of dairy products, which are often found adulterated, ahead of Makar Sankranti.

The State Food Authority has received several complaints from people about such dairy products of various brands.

According to the State Food Authority officials, complaints have poured in large numbers against several dairy farms, including Sudha, Raj and Amrit. While Sudha and Raj are Patna-based popular dairies, Amrit is a very old farm of Begusarai.

“We are getting many complaints from people about products of the branded dairies. Many people have complained against Sudha Dairy’s milk saying that the quantity of fat is not appropriate in it while a few have also complained about its stinking paneer also. Several consumers also told us that vegetable oil is mixed in the ghee of Raj and Amrit dairies,” said an official of the State Food Authority.

He added: “During the time of Makar Sankranti, the adulteration of dairy products increases because of the rise in demand. For example, if some dairy has only 1,000 litres of milk available, it tries to increase the volume to 10,000 litres to meet the demand. Obviously, they cannot increase the volume without indulging into the business of adulteration. On many occasions, people end up buying adulterated products during Makar Sankranti. Many people who have little idea of this business also buy adulterated dairy products during festivals helplessly,” said the official.

This will be the first time during Makar Sankranti when the department is also focusing on branded milk products. “As we received several complaints, we thought to take some action. It is not that we will check branded dairy products only till Makar Sankranti, we will keep a tab on branded dairy products even after Makar Sankranti,” said the official, adding: “A few months ago, the department has received adulterated dairy products of a popular brand from a renowned shop in Patna.”