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Saturday , December 29 , 2012
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E-way keeps students away

Bhubaneswar, Dec. 28: A record number of students in junior colleges across the state have left their courses during the present academic session.

Of the total 2,55,775 students who had taken admission this year, 7,905 of them have already obtained their college leaving certificates. Of these, only 262 have taken admissions in different colleges and the remaining seem to have given up their studies.

The council of higher secondary education officials said usually 300 to 400 students sought transfer in a year. “This year the number is quite high,” said the official.

However, official sources blamed the large number of transfer applications to wrong entry and mistakes committed during e-admissions. Another explanation given was many of these students might have joined vocational courses in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs).

The department, which aimed to bring in automation in the admission procedure, had introduced e-admission in 2009 for 60 junior colleges. In 2010-11, it was extended to 169 junior colleges, and in 2011-12 it was extended to all the 1,307 junior colleges in the state.

“The fact that only 262 students out of the 7,905 who applied took admissions in new colleges itself, proves that the other applicants were not interested to study in junior colleges. They might have gone for ITI or other vocational courses,” a senior official of the Students Academic Management System said.

The council’s secretary, T. K. Tripathy, said it was a matter of concern. “Students might have intended to enter a particular college. But, since they were not conversant with handling computers, they might have wrongly entered a different college and subsequently they have applied for transfers,” said Tripathy.

“One cannot also rule out the possibility of wrong feeds by the internet café operators who happen to be hand in gloves with certain institutions,” Tripathy said.