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Where to go, for what purpose

The administrative hub of Howrah is concentrated in south-central Howrah around Howrah Maidan along Mahatma Gandhi Road, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, Biplabi Haren Ghosh Sarani and Nityadhan Mukherjee Road. Located along either side of Rishi Bankim Chandra Road are the DM’s Bungalow, the New Collectorate, the RTO, the Howrah Court, the Old Collectorate and the District Hospital.

The office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Zilla Parishad office and the Howrah Zilla School fall on the right side of Church Road.

DM Office (New and Old Collectorate)

At Rishi Bankim Road

DM Bungalow, Phone: 2641-2024

DM Residence Phone: 2641-2961

New Collectorate, Phone: 2638-1185

Old Collectorate, Phone: 2641-3428

There are four additional district magistrates (ADM) under the District Magistrate (DM). Apart from looking into the implementation of different projects, they also take care of various problems and issues faced by the common people like speedy disposal of pension, settlement of land disputes, issuance of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe certificates, lodging complaints of domestic violence to the protection officers and many other things. The public can also approach the DM directly with any problem.

1. ADM (General) looks after all the departments on behalf of DM. Phone: 2641-4721/2637-6893

2. ADM (Development) is in charge of the development projects of the district. Besides, he is also in charge of excise, revenue and license departments. Phone: 2638-3529/6474

3. ADM (Land Revenue) is responsible for land acquisition, mutation and conversion of land. He has additional responsibility of the transport department. Phone: 2641-2749/2641-1029

4. ADM (panchayat) looks after the three tier panchayat system of the district. Phone: 2638-6474

Howrah Judges Court

At Mahatma Gandhi Road

People visit Howrah Judges Court for filing civil and criminal suits. Apart from the District Judge’s Court, there are five additional district magistrates’ courts, seven civil judges’ (junior division) court, three civil judges’ (senior division) and chief judicial magistrate’s court. People also visit Howrah registry office housed on the Howrah court premises for registering land, house and other properties.

Police Commissioner’s Office

At Telkolghat Road

PBX No. 2640-4001-07/2641-2685

People visit the Commissioner’s office for getting permission for organising pujas, festivals, fairs, cultural programmes. Members of the public can also directly meet the police commissioner to lodge complaints against any police station.

The Police Commissioner looks after the overall law and order situation in the town area that includes eight police stations. Anyone can approach the police commissioner over phone or directly with any problem. Phone: 2638-2086

Deputy Commissioner (headquarter) looks after overall law and order situation within the commissionerate area on behalf of the police commissioner. Phone: 2640-4200; 8017311113

Deputy Commissioner (traffic) looks after the traffic of the town. In addition, he heads the detective department. Phone: 2640-2300; 9051506300

There are two additional deputy commissioners. One of them looks after the law and order situation of the north of the town and another looks after the law and order situation of the south of the town.

Additional Commissioner of Police (South): People living in the south of the town can approach ADC (South) with any problem. Phone: 2640-1100; 9831030046

Additional Commissioner of Police (North): People living in the north of the town can approach ADC (North) with any problem. Phone: 2641-1388

Howrah Municipal Corporation

At Mahatma Gandhi Road

Phone: 2638-3211/3213/ 2641-1332 (mayor)

People living in the town can visit Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) for getting building plans sanctioned, death and birth certificates, paying taxes for houses and business establishments, mutation of houses and business establishments. New holding numbers are also issued by the HMC. Besides, people visit HMC with civic problems like clogged drains, scarcity of drinking water or accumulation of garbage in their areas. They can contact the people in charge of the respective departments for redress of their problems.

Member of mayor-in-council in charge of water. Phone: 2641-1767

Member of mayor-in-council in charge of conservancy. Phone: 2641-1767

Member of mayor-in-council in charge of sanction of building plan. Phone: 2641-1767

Member of mayor-in-council in charge of parks and gardens. Phone: 2641-1767

Howrah Zilla Parishad

At Biplabi Haren Ghosh Sarani

Phone: 2638-4633/34/ 2638-2531(sabhadhipati)

People living in panchayat areas mostly visit Howrah Zilla Parishad for getting building plans sanctioned and booking tourist spots under them. Howrah Zilla Parishad looks after the functioning of the three tier panchayats of the district.

Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH)

At Biplabi Haren Ghosh Sarani

Phone: 2638-4326/2641-2074

The CMOH office looks after the implementation of different health associated programmes in the district including pulse polio, tuberculosis, malaria and other health programmes. CMOH is also responsible for sanctioning the establishment of private hospitals and nursing homes. People seek justice to the CMOH in case of any medical negligence on the part of any doctor, hospitals or nursing home.

Road Transport Office (RTO)

At Rishi Bankim Road

Phone: 2641-2435

People visit RTO for route permit, driving licenses for buses, trucks, private cars and two wheelers. Licenses of buses, trucks, and private cars are also renewed here. The office also ensures that no one can drive without license.