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Wednesday , December 26 , 2012
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BJP praise muffled, RSS shrill

New Delhi, Dec. 25: Narendra Modi has reasons to smile.

The RSS’s English and Hindi weeklies, Organiser and Panchjanya, have more than made up for the BJP’s muted responses to his third-time victory.

The latest issue of Organiser (December 30) went to town splashing Modi’s picture on its cover and carrying three pieces on his win, apart from an editorial. All hinted that he was ordained to play a larger national role.

The edit is titled “Modi is the winner, invincible, unstoppable”. It signs off with the claim that “a grassroots sincere son-of-the-soil may herald the eclipse of dynastic politics if the Gujarat verdict is anything to go by.”

The edit said the verdict rewrote the script for “political success” because it overturned the theory that “good economics” did not make for “good politics”, and demonstrated that “nothing succeeded” like “good governance and people-centric inclusive development”.

Modi’s victory showed he had managed to get minority votes and that the Congress’s “polarising” politics had run its course, the edit said.

It described the Gujarat outcome as a “watershed” in India’s political history and Modi as a “game changer”, with his “innate ability to connect with young, aspiring, educated and enlightened” people.

“The narrative has changed and a new dimension has been added, which has altered the way people view their leaders in much the same fashion as the Gujarat CM added a new dimension to campaigning through his eye-catching and vote-winning 3D holographic projection avatars,” it said.

Panchjanya, the Hindi mouthpiece, carried an edit titled “Triumph of nationalist politics (in Gujarat)”. “The win marks the victory of the BJP’s nationalist ideology.”

It also sought to “correct” the perception that Modi ranked himself above the BJP. “Modi rightly said after his win that the party creates a leader and the leader does not create the party.”

The edit added: “While addressing a public meeting after his victory, Modi stressed that in a democracy, the people’s verdict was supreme and the arrogance of a ruler over the ruled had no place. This is the result of his political upbringing in the BJP. His message travels beyond Gujarat to the rest of the country.”

A piece, titled the “Congress’s tactics boomerang”, in the Organiser concluded with the claim that the “future of India beckons a leader like Modi, with two-thirds of Gujarat voting for the BJP and millions across the country voting for Modi as the best CM”.