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Tuesday , December 18 , 2012
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Tantra’s DJ V society prepares for Sunburn 2012 in Goa

Tantra’s resident DJ V Society, aka Vishal Sinha, will play with the big boys at Sunburn 2012 on December 27. A quick chat with t2...

You are returning to Sunburn; what makes it such a special event?

It’s easily the biggest festival in Asia. The kind of exposure it offers you… and the atmosphere is electric –– the crowd, the response, the reaction… it’s not something you see elsewhere in India.

What is that one thing you’d like to change about Calcutta’s clubbing scene?

I wish people would open up (to new music). The idea is not to come and dance to the same music that’s played on TV. DJs need an opportunity to play something new... experimental, like the way it is done in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Your song for New Year’s Eve will be…

Something on the lines of The Party Next Door by Avicii or David Guetta’s Titanium.

Three things you look at while selecting songs.

Melody, how tight a mix is and whether or not it reflects my style (progressive psychedelic trance).

Current favourites on your playlist.

Cleopatra by Sonic Sense & Mindspin, All Your Needs and Singularity by Suntree, and Come With Us by Zen Mechanics.

Favourite Indian DJs.

DJ Ivan from Bangalore, who keeps coming down, DJ Ankit (who’s originally from Calcutta but now based in Mumbai), he’s a close friend, and DJ Pearl.

One song that defines Tantra.

It keeps changing but for now it’s David Guetta’s I Gotta Feeling. The Party Next Door and Devotion by Liquid Soul are also big.

Artistes to watch out for next year.

Van Duren and David Guetta. My style would be Liquid Soul and Sonic Pieces, who’re doing great stuff and hopefully will soon play in Tantra.