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Tuesday , December 18 , 2012
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DJ PEARL breaks into peals of laughter during a girlie chat

Guys don’t dare tell her how to manage the decks or change the speed of records because DJ Pearl is no ya-ya girl pouting for 15 minutes of fame. Though reams of newsprint have been spent on her DJing skills, she rarely lets out the girl inside her. Here, she speaks to t2 about fashion, red lips and hubby Nikhil (Chinapa).

What do you usually sport during gigs?

Anything that’s fuss-free and not too loud. I stick to things simple, like tops and jeans. Since I don’t have enough time to plan my wardrobe, I keep it simple.

And when you do make an effort at dressing up?

I like dressing up as much as any girl. After all, I’m a girl beneath all that I’m-a-DJ bravado. A dress definitely calls for an effort. My sister has a boutique in London and she’s my inspiration when it comes to dressing up.

LBD or maxi dress?

Funny you ask me that because she recently gave me a couple of maxi dresses. Black is always an easy option. And the only LBDs I own are the ones I wear on holiday.

When in doubt, wear…

Oh, fashionistas and designers would kill me for saying this… jeans (giggles). When in doubt, wear jeans. It can look stylish if you know how to dress it up.

Red lips or smoky eyes?

Both but, of course, not together (laughs)! I love the range of red lipsticks from Nars.

Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds for this Pearl!

What do you think Nikhil likes you best in?

I think that’s a question I’d have to ask him. I’d say pretty much anything. He sees me through rose-tinted glasses. But when I make that special effort, I do get that special smile, look or nod of approval, which is nice... I often wore a red hoodie when we met. When we were travelling to different cities to spot clubbing destinations, I used to wear it a lot. I’m sure he remembers that jacket.

Any of Nikhil’s clothes you want to throw out?

Oh dear! There is this denim jacket from his rock heyday. It has a lot of logo-patches of rock and metal bands, including Metallica. Each time I open the cupboard, it’s there and I tell myself: ‘I’m gonna get rid of it’. But I can’t. It’s, in a way, sweet. He recently wore the jacket to a Metallica concert … and I thought he was going back to his teenage years. He was grinning ear to ear… something that brings so much happiness can never leave our home.