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Monday , December 17 , 2012
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The core area of Deepor Beel is a merely 4.1 square kilometre waterbody where no one goes. However, having said that, if appropriate rules and regulations are enforced on its outer circle, then the nuisance created by picnickers can be controlled to a great extent. A gathering of any sort near the site creates noise pollution, which disturbs migratory birds. Over the years, this has been one of the main reasons for avians going to other locations for roosting. So, a ban on picnics in the area would not be a bad idea, as there are many spots in and around Guwahati that are yet to be explored.

Kulojyoti Lahkar, conservation biologist

Picnics are no doubt a fun event for families and friends alike. But in recent years, this annual ritual has become more of a burden to the environment. We have noticed many picnic parties leave the place littered, which does no good to the surroundings.

The decision taken by the forest department to ban picnics at Pobitora is apt. We all know that Deepor Beel is one of its kind and the people of Assam take pride in this place. Already pollution and population is taking its toll on the waterbody. So steps must be taken to preserve it and I guess this (picnic ban) is one of them.

Nabajit Talukdar, student

Yes, I think picnic should be banned at Deepor Beel too. In fact, not just in the waterbody, picnics should be banned inside all sanctuaries across the state. We should refrain from activities that cause harm to nature. Picnickers now, unlike in the days of yore, use plastic items, which are not biodegradable. People have fun but lack the habit of cleaning the place after the picnic. This affects the environment. Loud music also disturbs the animals. Today, Deepor Beel, otherwise known to be a hotspot for migratory birds, has lost its old charm because of the commotion created by people. The number of migratory birds visiting the site has gone down remarkably.

Pradip Kumar Baruah, associate professor, department of botany, Cotton College

Picnics should be banned at Deepor Beel because they only cause pollution. The waterbody, being the only Ramsar site in the state, should be taken care of by the forest department.

Moreover, Deepor Beel is one of the popular locations in the state for sighting migratory birds, so steps should be taken to protect it.

Dorothy Tanti, student