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Sunday , December 16 , 2012
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My 17-year-old brother, the youngest in our family (and ours is a joint family), has been pampered beyond measure and has turned out to be rather irresponsible. Although he is a well-behaved and affectionate kid, he runs away from responsibilities. He takes all of us for granted and always wants things his way. How can we show him reason?

Name and address withheld

There is no way you can. This is how almost all younger siblings are and you should take this for granted. Instead of finding fault or just being plain envious try and embrace his flaws and you will be much happier. Even in politics, the younger blokes are more pampered. If Indira Gandhi could declare the Emergency thanks to the youngish brat Sanjay, why are you complaining? Just smile and carry on.

I am in love with two men at the same time and I love them both dearly. However, I know it will not be easy for either of them to accept this. I do not feel guilty of cheating because I know I am not cheating them. But I am always scared of losing them both. Please help.

Name and address withheld

What on earth can I do except envy you. I have felt the same way except in my case its been the right gender: women. Look there is nothing to feel guilty about as long as you don’t sleep with two men at the same time. That would be downright cheating and grossly unfair.

Imagine yourself to be Baba Ramdev. He also loves all humanity except the Congress and he’s done pretty well for himself so why should you be worried about your pretty small life. Enjoy all this while it lasts. As you grow older, you might not even love yourself.


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