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Tuesday , December 11 , 2012
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JustPictures! (Android)

You are a social networking addict whose deeds (and misdeeds!) have been captured on photographs that are scattered across Facebook, Smugmug, Picasa, Photobucket… need we say more? Helping you collate these photographs is JustPictures! that accesses several accounts simultaneously before allowing you to thumb through the gallery. You can even rotate, delete, save and batch-upload snaps. And if you spot something wallpaper-worthy, just click.

Ringtone Maker (Android)

The intro to Uday Shankar’s Mamata is mesmerising and makes for a great ringtone. But how does one edit it? Ringtone Maker allows users to select a part of a Wav/MP3/AAC file and then insert fade in or out. If the file needs to be pumped up, use the amplification option. Big Bang Inc.’s app surely takes competition to Ringdroid. Zentertain Ltd. has a similar app for iOS users.

Go SMS Pro (Android, iOS)

It’s pretty. It’s packed with features. And it’s free. This light app helps to send/receive/backup/schedule text messages, chat on FB, transfer files over networks/wi-fi, group texting and much, much more. It even supports non-SMS chats. By the way, it comes with an SMS blocker!

Indian Sky Map (Android)

Google SkyMap can take the back seat, for Alok Mandavgane’s app is completely desi. First it uses your phone’s GPS to pinpoint your location and then gives you a map of the sky above you. Instead of stars and planets, this app presents nakshatras, grahas and rashis, turning your smartphone into a virtual planetarium. Have a good time gazing at planets Budh, Shukra, Mangal and Co!

Photo Grid (Android)

Landscape, mugshots, smiles, tourist spots… Photo Grid can make a collage out of your collection of snaps and export it to Instagram, Facebook, Picasa or Twitter. There is an extensive collection of backgrounds to choose from, options to rotate, zoom or swap and, most importantly, a scope to add captions. iOS users can get something similar from NavyDuck LLC.

Gizmo guide

Sonic boom: Pure Sound from Portronics is small enough to rest on your palm and looks ordinary... too ordinary until it reveals the slot for micro SD cards. Once inserted, the sound is fantastic for such a small sound box. Flick a tiny switch on the side and FM comes on. That’s not all. You can even connect your MP3 player with a connector that plugs into the earphone socket. And batteries? A rechargeable lithium-ion pack runs the show. Price: Rs 1,699.

Thanks Neil :)

It was 20 years ago this month that British engineer Neil Papworth sent out the world’s first text message from his computer to his boss’s mobile phone. It read: “Merry Christmas”.

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