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SRK looked oh-so-droolworthy with his stubble in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The t2 gang of girls pick their favourite bolly men who can and can’t work the fuzz. Who do you think looks best with a stubble? Tell

While Priyanshu Chatterjee’s sex appeal lies in his stubble, Abir Chatterjee’s clean-shaven avatar is a smash hit with his female fans. What do they prefer personally? We put them under the stubble vs clean-shaven scanner…

Priyanshu Chatterjee

Do you feel hot in a beard?

Yeah, if there is no air-conditioning or fan!

Okay! But have girls told you that they find you hot in a beard?

I cannot answer that question! It is a very personal, very in-the-bedroom question!

They must have complimented you that you look better with a stubble?!

Haan… haan. It actually depends on the film that I am doing. If the character I am playing demands that look and if people like it, then I think it is the character that people like and not me. In Paanch Adhyay, they liked me with the beard and a little bit of grey. Actually, girls like to keep men confused! So some say they like me clean-shaven and some say they like me with a stubble. I really cannot decide! Should I grow a beard on one side of my face and keep the other clean-shaven?! Take your pick!

Personally, what do you prefer?

I personally prefer the clean-shaven look. It gives a clean and neat sort of an image. The beard makes it very scruffy… that unkempt look, which is also very nice… it looks a little manly also… it adds a certain character to the face.

In most of your Bengali films you have sported a stubble…

Aparna Sen wanted a stubble (for Iti Mrinalini). She wanted a completely new look and she did an amazing job. It is the director’s vision. In Goutam Ghose’s film Shunnyo Onko, I sport a stubble and moustache in parts.

What is the one compliment that comes to mind about your stubble?

For Iti Mrinalini, I got a lot of compliments for the look and the stubble and also how the character shaped up.


Abir Chatterjee

Do you feel hot clean-shaven?

Actually, it is not about me feeling ‘hot’. It is about the people who are watching my films… their opinion is most important. When I was in college, I used to feel that I look good with a stubble. It wasn’t just because of style, but had a lot to do with my laid-back attitude. A lot of people really maintain their stubble. I don’t like doing that… for me, it’s more casual. Then, when I started acting, it became more about the characters I am playing. But some very important women in my life have told me that I look good clean-shaven. I am now in a state of doubt!

Have female fans told you that you look better with a stubble?

They haven’t really seen me with a stubble. So, they don’t have that option. And I think they like me clean-shaven. Kono kaaj na thakle, aami stubble rekhey phatiye debo (If I don’t have work, I will keep a stubble and raise a storm)! My wife (Nandini) prefers the absolutely clean-shaven look. That’s for other practical reasons that we shouldn’t discuss!

Personally, what do you prefer?

I feel lazy to shave. It is also painful to shave. Many women think shaving is a lot like erasing pencil marks from a piece of paper. It is not! It involves a blade and our skin! What women also don’t understand is that when you apply aftershave it burns! Daarita na katley khub bhalo hoy (Not to have to shave would be nice)! But it is a little irritating in summer…

In most of your films you sport a clean-shaven look…

Only in Prem by Chance I had a stubble. It all depends on the characterisation. I think directors prefer me that way (clean-shaven). In my next two films (Prem Amar 2 and Ekti Asharey Goppo) I have sported a stubble. I think I look a little unwell with a stubble! A lot of people have asked me, “Ki shorir kharap?”, “Ghum hoyni?” Shetar dorkar nei, bhai (That I can do without)!

What’s the best compliment you’ve got about your clean-shaven look?

I have got a lot of compliments… very happy! Jara ektu shahoshi, they have told me that eta toh (Abir with a stubble) besh bhalo… you look manly! I am like do I not look manly without one! Strange! I get a lot of compliments for my cut marks! That’s because I am clean-shaven.

Saionee Chakraborty

What look do you like Priyanshu and Abir to sport? Tell

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