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Karan Johar on Bollywood friendships and ‘womance’!

At the recently-concluded Chivas Studio 2012 (held in Mumbai) Shakun Batra’s short film Strangers in the Night, produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, was screened. The versatile filmmaker, who is also one of the brand ambassadors of Chivas, later told t2 about his Bollywood friends and the “next” Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol film...

Strangers in the Night is said to be a tale of “real friendships”....

This film, directed by Shakun Batra (of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu fame), is in collaboration with Chivas Studio. It is a 14-minute film on two ideologies of love... two friends who have different ideologies and how one night turns out for them. How their ideologies find a different path in the bigger scheme of things.

Can you think of a fun anecdote involving you and a stranger in the night?

Unfortunately no, I haven’t had the pleasure or the privilege of having any fun encounter with any stranger on any night!

In all these years, why haven’t you made a short film?

Actually, I am making a short film. In say two months, I am going to direct one with Dibakar (Banerjee), Zoya (Akhtar) and Anurag (Basu) to celebrate 100 years of cinema.

Which are your all-time favourite short films?

Well, I can speak about documentaries. I haven’t seen many short films.

So, tell us about your favourite documentaries.

I love everything Michael Moore has made. I love Fahrenheit 9/11.

Coming back to friendship, Karan Johar has many friends. What is that one thing that scares you the most in a friendship?

I think expectation is the biggest enemy of any friendship. I think it’s important not to expect and yet have faith and trust in someone. We should try and dilute the level of expectations.

What is that one real-life friendship from Bollywood that’s special?

There are so many of them. We all have been privileged by some very strong relationships. But I think the bond Yashji (Yash Chopra) and Shah Rukh (Khan) shared went beyond friendship. It was that of a family. There was a lot of friendship and love between them. That was one of the eternal equations in the movie fraternity.

Bollywood has produced a lot of ‘bromances’ but it hasn’t really explored the friendship between two girls.

Well, I don’t know why there hasn’t been one and it’s always a good story. If I get the right script, I would love to. I think the association of two women would make a good story.

The next Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol film: Hopefully, whenever that happens, it would be directed by me! I love them together.

Most promising hero: I think Ranbir Kapoor is an actor to look out for.

Favourite director: I love Raju (Rajkumar) Hirani. I think he is the country’s finest filmmaker.

Favourite heroine: Kareena Kapoor is always special.

Favourite Shah Rukh Khan film: Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1994).

Favourite Yash Chopra film: Kabhi Kabhie (1976).

An era you wish you were born in: Undoubtedly, the 1960s. I wish I could direct Dilip Kumar.

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