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Q1: This school was set up in 1947 to educate children of those who had migrated here after the Partition of Bengal. A 10-cottah plot was donated by the manager of Ambika Jute Mill for construction of the school building. Which school is this?

Q2: A member of the Bhattacharya family of Jan Bari was a doctor posted at the Government Hospital in Rangoon during the third Indo-Burmese War. Who was he?

Q3: A revolutionary was arrested in 1916 in Babudanga in a police encounter led by Charles Tegart, the then deputy police commissioner. Who was he?

Q4: Which revolutionary set up Parijat Natyakunja later known as Parijat Natya Samaj in 1914 in Bantra?

Q5: Who came with little Rabindranath to Mahesh Paul Lane in Santragachhi to attend the wedding of Hemendranath and Birendranath in the 19th century?

Answers to this week’s questions


The correct answer to Q5 of November 23 quiz was Suman Mukhopadhyay

The following people sent the correct answer

• Jayanti Ghosh, Shibpur

• Mainak Banerjee, Central Howrah

• Poltoo Bhattacharya, Ramrajatala

• Chandicharan Sinha, Balitikuri

• Prapa Bose, B Garden

• Kumkum Bose, B Garden

• Ira Mitra, Uttarpara

• Debiprosad Mitra, Uttarpara

• Mira Nag, Shibpur

• Sankhanad Nag, Shibpur

• Pramita Sil, Hutpukur

• Saumen Mukherjee, Bally

• Pranab Kumar Ganguly, Abinash Banerjee Lane

• Subrata Raychaudhuri, Ramrajatala

• Rupa Banerjee, Belepole

• Pratha Pratim Bose, B Garden

• Sanjib Ghosh, Panihati

• Sukanya Bhattacharya, Chowdhurybagan

• Saibal Basu, Kadamtala

• Ashis Bhattacharya, Konnagar

• Samit Kumar Das, Konnagar

• Ashis Kumar Nandi, Bhadrakali

• Medha Dey, Kadamtala

• Kanika Dutta, Shibpur

• Sailen Dutta, Shibpur

• Rupam, Sumita Das, Kadamtala

• Alpana, Trina, Siddhartha Ray, Kadamtala

• Sauhardhya, Itika, Bishnu Halder, Madhyamgram

• Shrabani Debgupta, Shibpur

• Chinmoy Chatterjee, Ramrajatala

• Chaitali Chakraborty, Belur

• Oishi, Uttarpara

• Sudipta, Sanghamitra, Sutithi, Chatterjeehat

• S P Chatterjee, Carrie Road

• Nandini Gupta, Salkia

• Tanaya Mitra, Debdatta Ghosh, Salkia

• Amiya Kumar Gupta, Salkia

• Maiya Gupta, Salkia

• Malini Gupta, Salkia