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Friday , November 30 , 2012
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“Oh no, the ball’s in the crime scene now,” said a straight-faced Jeremy Dale as he precariously balanced a golf ball on a club between his legs! Between peals of laughter, champs and cheerers at RCGC sat down after a gruelling game on Monday to enjoy an hour-long show by the world’s No. 2 golf trick artiste. A quick chat with the 48-year-old showman from Britain:

Let’s rewind to your first show ever!

I was 30 when I did my first show in 1994. I joined a new golf course and the general manager said, ‘Okay we’re opening the clubhouse. We need a show and you’re doing it!’ And I was like, ‘Oh well, okay.’

Did golf tricks come to you naturally?

Yes they did, actually. Although I trained to be ambidextrous — I can play and write with both hands — and I did my first left-handed shot when I was 26, I remember when I took up entertainment seriously I was wondering what skill I had that would set me apart from the rest and this was it.

Doesn’t that make you a great golfer!

I’d love to be but I can’t seem to crack it! A lot of people wonder how I can do this and not be a great golfer but that’s the way it is! I’m just better at golf tricks.

What’s the best compliment you’ve got from a golfing great?

Gary Player came out into the crowd this year at an event called Golf Live. I was standing on the ball and he walked into the show and said, ‘Give me the mic.’ Then he told the audience, ‘You have no idea how difficult it is to do that. That’s just amazing.’ And I thought to myself, ‘That’s Gary Player!’



“He’s already got the movie-star looks!” says Jyoti Randhawa about five-year-old son Zoravar on Monday at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club.

Does that mean he will grow up to be an actor like mom Chitrangda Singh? “Well, I want him to be an actor,” begins Jyoti, just as the little one putts in, “Actor bilkul nahin banunga!”

So we ask Zoravar what he wants to be. “Main chaar cheezein banunga,” announces the little boy, eyes bright and four plump fingers sticking out.

That’s enough for everyone to go ‘awww’ as his handsome 40-year-old golfer dad breaks into a laugh! “I haven’t really taught him golf because he’s going to see a lot of that.... He even sings well! So it’s his wish what he wants to be.”

Being dad — and sometimes mom too when Chitrangda is away shooting — is a role that Jyoti has gracefully taken to. “I’m far more responsible now. I like to go back home earlier just to spend time with him and I want to teach Zoravar a lot of things. I never thought being a dad would be this great... having someone who looks up to you.”

On the RCGC greens, of course, there were many young golfers who were looking up to JR as well.

Before the serious business of the McLeod Russel Tour Championship, Jyoti Randhawa fielded some fun questions from t2...

Last movie you saw: The Bank Job, starring Jason Statham.
How much money in your bank now?! (Laughs) A few crores!
First cheque: Rs 3,500 as sports officer for Bharat Petroleum, my first job.
First big cheque: When I ranked fifth in the SAIL Open in Delhi, I got Rs 68,000.
First girlfriend: I don’t remember, there were so many!
Favourite city: Paris.
Favourite course: Vancouver in Capilano, it’s set in the hills in the midst of timber trees and mountains.
Car you drive: Land Rover. It’s sturdy, big and goes off-road easily.
Most expensive buy for yourself: A Tag Heuer for Rs 4.5 lakh and an Armani jacket for Rs 1.75 lakh.
Most expensive buy for wife Chitrangda: Also a watch but it cost less than mine, Rs 3.5 lakh.
Favourite actor: Amitabh Bachchan.
Favourite actress: Rekha.
Golfing best friends: Vivek Bhandari and (brother-in-law) Digvijay Singh.