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Thursday , November 29 , 2012
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Murders bring back gory memories

The triple murder in Jamshedpur’s Tube Baridih locality may have left the steel city shocked on Wednesday morning, but there have been instances of equally gruesome killings in the past as well.

The killings that rocked Jamshedpur include the quadruple murder at Ghorabandha in Govindpur police station area in 1999, the murders of four members of one Narottam Mishra’s family at Baridih in 2006, and the 2011 killing of a woman and her six-year-old son by her husband at Sitaramdera in 2011.

In the Ghorabandha case, bodies of four persons including two women and a 12-year-old boy were found in a decomposed state inside the septic tank of their home.

A close relative of the victims, who lived in Ghatshila, chanced upon the corpses during a visit to the Ghorabandha house.

The police cracked the case with the arrest of Chaitali Bhowmik and Syed Rizwan. Chaitali conspired with Rizwan to kill her parents, younger brother and grandmother as they were opposed to the affair between the two.

While a sessions court in Jamshedpur sentenced both Chaitali and Rizwan to death, the term was commuted to life imprisonment by Jharkhand High Court later.

The two are lodged at the Birsa Munda Central Jail in Hotwar.

In the other quadruple murder case, the entire family of Narottam Mishra was allegedly wiped out by Mishra’s nephew at their Baridih home in 2006.

The bodies of Mishra, a former Tata Motors employee, his wife and teenaged daughter and son were found in a decomposed state on the first floor of the double-storied building they were staying in.

Investigations established that Mishra's nephew had demanded a hefty amount of money from his uncle to start a business. However, Mishra, who had turned to money-lending after quitting his job, refused to oblige. According to the police, Mishra’s nephew killed all four family members while staying with them as a guest.

The police had initially arrested three others, but could never nab the nephew. Later, the three persons who were tried in a local court for murder were acquitted due to lack of evidence.

In the other case, 42-year-old Arvind Kumar killed his wife and child in the apartment they stayed in at the Sitaramdera police station area of the city in 2011.

According to the police, Kumar did not earn enough to keep up with his wife’s allegedly constant demands for costly things.

Frustrated over their regular fights, Kumar killed his wife and kept the body in the house for three days.

Interestingly, the assailant had kept the murder a secret from his six-year-old son, but when the latter came across his mother's body, Kumar killed the child by banging his head against a wall.

The accused then left the apartment with the bodies rotting in it and went to Ranchi.

Alerted by the foul smell from the closed apartment, neighbours informed the police who discovered the bodies.

Kumar was later arrested and lodged in jail. His trial is on.