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Thursday , November 29 , 2012
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What: The Telegraph Presents the 34th Annual Argus Open Quiz

Where: Vidya Mandir

When: November 24

From Mussolini to Shantaram, marijuana to the neglected cocktail Old-Fashioned, there was never a dull moment at the 34th edition of the Annual Argus Open Quiz in which Byapok Byatha towered over seven other teams, most with equally snazzy names.

The quiz brought under one roof college students, young professionals and next-door aunts and uncles with brains that work overtime to collate as much information as possible. Grouped in fours, 46 teams competed in the prelims and eight made it to the final round.

Defending champ Hammer and Tongs’s volley of 72 questions in the final round kept participants on their toes. For every hit there was 10 points and at the end each of those precious points mattered, especially for the runners-up. Byapok Byatha, which had reached 100 points by the time the 36th question was delivered, was declared winner with a score of 120. Teams Aj Kuch Chazzy Karte Hain and Quiz Lovers of Kolkata fought neck to neck with 95 and 90 points. “It was close competition this year with just 40 points separating the final seven teams. This means, everybody answered,”said Kinshuk Biswas, one of the quizmasters.

The audience didn’t feel left out because each time they answered correctly, a sweet token of appreciation was handed out a chocolate! On a lighter note, the participating teams should have been given points for their cool names Labour Union of the Knowledge Architect, Conditions Apply and Lateral Thinkers among others!


The legend of Loro Jonggrang is depicted on which temple?

Prambanan Temple in Java.

Why did the Garra Rufa fish become popular outside its native habitat in 2006?

For being used in foot spas.

Name the landmark that Halsey Ricardo had constructed in Bengal and opened in 1905.

Howrah Station.

Why did blackened teeth become a rage in Elizabethan England?

Extensive use of sugar was known to blacken teeth and only the rich could afford sugar.

The only male player to win singles and doubles titles at all four Grand Slams in lawn tennis…

Roy Emerson.


Aishwariya Bhattacharyya
Presidency University

“This is the fifth time I participated in the Argus Quiz. The event is so popular that two of my teammates who now live in Mumbai and Chennai returned to the city to participate!”

Arpan Guha
Jadavpur University

“Participating in quiz competitions has been my hobby since I was in Class III. This is the third time I participated (in the Argus Quiz) and this time it was tougher.”

Soumi Saha
Vidyasagar College

“This is the first time I participated in this open quiz and I had a great time. Though I didn’t qualify for the finals, I’m happy that I participated and got to learn new things. I will surely return next year.”

Shayan Roy Chowdhury
St. Xavier’s College

“The biggest advantage is that there is no age bar. The questions covered a wide range of topics.”

Soutrik Dey
Ramakrishna Mission, Narendrapur

“I’m a part of my college quiz team and those into quizzing are well aware of Argus. It is a good quiz with really good quizmasters and the exposure we get here is really good.”

Text: Sneha Dutta

Pictures: Bhubaneswarananda Halder