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Friday , November 23 , 2012
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Vampires in love

As the vampire Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson has become the heart-throb of millions, nay billions, of Twilight fans across the world. An email chat with the 26-year-old Brit as the iconic franchise reaches its finale.

Now that the last Twilight film is here, how do you feel?

I am happy and relaxed that it’s finally over! It was a chunk of my life and I have some really sweet memories attached to it. I will definitely miss being on the Twilight sets.

How has the series and the role of Edward Cullen changed your life?

There was a time when nobody knew who Robert Pattinson was and then, all of a sudden, Twilight happened and the whole world seemed to love me! This has definitely taken away my freedom. I miss roaming the streets, listening to people on the road or sitting quietly by the roadside... stuff like that.

Any message for TwiHards across the world who are lamenting the end of the franchise?

I really want to thank them for all their love and support. It is because of them that the series has grown bigger with each instalment.

How would you describe the final film in the context of the series? Is it a fitting finale to such a huge franchise?

Yes it is! It is full of energy and action. And yes, I can confirm that there is a twist in the movie. So, please go and watch it.

You have referred to the sex scene with Kristen Stewart as “ridiculous”.

Yes, shooting the scene was really embarrassing at first and then it was very funny. That’s because the sex between Edward and Bella, this time, was supposed to be out of the world... wild sex between two vampires!

After Twilight what can we look forward to from Robert Pattinson?

Hopefully, I will be off to Iraq to shoot for (Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s) Mission Blacklist.


Kristen Stewart trades whimpering Bella for kickass vampire in the final Twilight film. An email chat.

How do you look back at the Twilight journey?

It was a long journey. It takes a lot to be associated with one movie and play one character for four long years. It was not easy; the pressure mounted with each movie. It was also fun. It has fuelled me as an actor.

Looking back, would you have played Bella any differently?

No, I feel the character as defined by Stephenie Meyer has enough shades to play with, especially in the last part when she turns into a vampire and finally comes into her own.

How did playing Bella change your life?

I always carry a bit of my character with me. I understand Bella completely and I have matured a lot playing her. It has been a great experience.

Well, how much of Bella is Kristen?

A lot! I’m not a very funny and loud person. I like to keep my life to myself and Bella is exactly like me. On the outside she may seem quiet, she may seem like an introvert but to be able to say all that, one doesn’t need to be loud. Considering where Bella comes from and where she gets to, you have somebody who is full of emotions. It’s pretty great.

What were the emotions like on the last day of filming?

I was relaxed that it was getting over. Not that I didn’t enjoy it but it takes a lot of patience to play one character for that long. The (eye) lenses and white make-up were very uncomfortable. But what kept me relaxed is that Twilight belonged to me and nobody could take me away from it.

Do share some of the fun moments you had on the set...

I think the first hunt is something that I’ve always really loved... kind of playing a bit of a baby... just taking so much in... in a matter of a split second. I didn’t really get to jump off a waterfall; I didn’t really get to tackle a mountain lion... it was just a big tube of foam, which was just as satisfying to take down! But I think the first hunt was probably difficult... it was hard to pull off. I mean, it was so extreme.

Did the fact that you shared an off-screen equation with Robert Pattinson help or hinder the filming process?

Yes, our off-screen relationship was a great help — it helped us portray the affection better.

You play a mother in this film. How challenging was it for a 22-year-old to bring out those emotions?

It was not that difficult, for the script is well written and everything was very well described in the book. I just had to read it to do it!