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Thursday , November 22 , 2012
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Be responsible

Sir — The article, “Child, dead” (Nov 18), by Sharmistha Das blames the lack of parenting skills for the rise in incidents of child abuse and violation of children’s rights. While this is true, it is also a fact that in our country, policemen usually refuse to record complaints of child abuse, thus allowing culprits to go scot-free. Even planned brutalities, like those perpetrated by khap panchayats, go unpunished.

However, it may be wrong to hold just parents and the police responsible for these crimes. Are not today’s parents yesterday’s children? The duty of making our children’s lives safer lies with society as a whole. In India, men and women are expected to take on the responsibility of parenthood when they themselves are still young. The guardians of law are also recruited at an early age and many of them do not have proper educational qualifications. There is no procedure to ensure that they are fit for the job.

Our school education system must be revamped so that modules on parenthood and social responsibility are made a part of the curricula. Academics and psychologists should be consulted in this regard. Our children must receive proper training in their formative years so that they can become responsible citizens.

Yours faithfully,
Kalyan Kumar Ghose, Calcutta

Grave duty

Sir — Expectedly, Rahul Gandhi has been given the charge of the Congress’s election campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls (“Rahul gets charge of 2014 polls”, Nov 16). One wonders if he is competent enough to handle such a lofty task, given his lack of experience and poor track record. He may prove to be a total failure, and the decision to hand over the reins to him may be the last nail in the Congress’s coffin.

Initially, Rahul held a significant position in the Congress party. But under his guidance, the party lost the assembly elections in important states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Goa. He does not seem to possess either the ability or the resolve required of a national leader. His approach to serious issues has been frivolous. Rahul’s only merit seems to be that he is Sonia Gandhi’s son — which is unlikely to make him a successful leader. The Congress must realize that it may be futile to depend on Rahul to resurrect the party.

The United Progressive Alliance government, led by the Congress, has been criticized on many counts, be it for corruption and scams, for misgovernance and faulty policies, or for the failure to control inflation. But rather than subjecting itself to rigorous self-analysis, the Congress has chosen to blame the Opposition for everything that has gone wrong. The party must study the reasons behind its bad performance and seek to remedy the ills plaguing it, if it wants to regain its lost position.

The people of India may reject the Congress if it fails to fulfil their expectations. The party seems unwilling to face the truth. This attitude will spell its doom. There can be no bigger mistake than underestimating the power of the people in a democracy.

Yours faithfully,
S.P. Sharma, Mumbai

Sir — Allowing Rahul Gandhi to lead the Congress’s poll campaigns for the upcoming elections clearly proves that the party is out of its depths. Rahul has made a political mess in Uttar Pradesh. In states like Bihar, the Congress is now in its last legs. So, letting him lead the election committee may toll the death knell for the Congress. It is also astonishing that the oldest party of the country has at its helm people who are not qualified enough for the job.

To govern the ruling party of a country like India, leaders must be adequately experienced. Rahul does not seem to be capable enough for this job. The sole motive of the party seems to be to manipulate the electorate, the majority of which is barely literate. The appalling standards of awareness among the people may be the main reason why we still continue to be duped by our leaders. One is shocked by the fact that the Congress still nurtures a hereditary tradition of leadership. It is time for the party to go for a reality check.

Yours faithfully,
S. Kamat, Bardez, Goa

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