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Tuesday , November 20 , 2012
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‘Poor Linds’ is no Taylor

New York, Nov. 19: Lindsay Lohan, the troubled American actress who hoped to kick-start her film career with her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor, has been derided by reviewers for her “wooden” and “inadvertently hysterical” performance.

It was the role that troubled American actress Lindsay Lohan hoped would relaunch a career derailed by stints in jail and in rehab. Making her comeback as Elizabeth Taylor, the late British-born film legend who like her was a former child star with her fair share of off-screen woes, seemed a perfect fit, she told interviewers.

So Lohan’s advisers may want to keep her eyes away from the reviews now coming in for Liz & Dick, a made-for-television drama about Taylor’s tempestuous relationship with Richard Burton. One of the gentler ones comes from her hometown newspaper of Newsday. “Lohan’s no Taylor (not that anyone is or ever could be),” notes the reviewer, starting off relatively softly before then unleashing his barbs. “But poor Linds doesn’t stand a chance. As seen here, her skills are rudimentary — made rustier by a long absence and a lot of other extra-curricular activities. She delivers lines dutifully, competently, and at times woodenly, but she also looks like someone who has to think about what she has to say before she says it.”

Yet that verdict on her acting skills is almost in the positive category compared to the skewering that Lohan receives from The Hollywood Reporter, the influential film industry insider. “Lohan is woeful as Taylor from start to finish. But, whatever you do, don’t miss Liz & Dick. It’s an instant classic of unintentional hilarity,” notes the review under a headline calling the film “half train wreck, half skit”.