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Friday , November 16 , 2012
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American wife

Writing this article seated in our HA Block apartment, listening to the drum beats of the Kali idol immersion processions, I am reminded of where I was around this time last year, and all the other years before — across the seven seas, in Ameri...  | Read.. 
Where Kali is a daughter of the house
In this 14-member family, She is treated as the 15th member. So although Friday is the last day of immersion for all Kali ido ...  | Read.. 
Film fest off to a starry start
Hours after Bollywood bigwigs Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan starred in the inaugural programme at Netaji Indoor Stadium ...  | Read.. 
June stars on kids’ day after Dev no-show
Actor Dev was to be the star presence in the Children’s Day celebration that the Bidhannagar film festival committee ha ...  | Read.. 
Neighbours match steps to stage Tagore
All the puja days were fun but Saptami was the day I had been waiting for. It was the day my neighbours and I would perform T ...  | Read.. 
Bonding over a beat
The Barman Brothers performed at a Durga puja programme at Labony Estate on Panchami. The brothers, Madhusudan and Gopal, pla ...  | Read.. 
American wife