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A must-have app for those who constantly jot down notes. This digital “scrapbook” helps you organise and keep track of documents, notes or task list on your laptop or desktop. Simply attach the app to your chosen device and “clip” information to it for later access. Entries can be attached as audio, text or even photos.


You love to read, want to read but never get around to reading those crazy, interesting or breathtaking articles that you randomly pick while surfing. This app is just right for you. Choose a webpage or article and simply “pocket” it. You don’t even need to be online while accessing saved articles, allowing you to kill time while riding the tube.


Making the office flatbed scanner a museum piece is this perfect app for any phone packed with a decent camera. Just about any old trick is possible with this user-friendly app scan, crop, edit, flip, colour change and you can even edit documents that can be saved in PDF or Jpeg format. And don’t worry about those important business cards, for these too can be saved or mailed in high-res formats and if you want, it can be Dropboxed. Needless to say, CamScanner helps save paper. Every time you get a business card, simply scan it and return it. It is the app to scan documents on the move and cut down on paper use.


A helpful app to avoid unwanted calls but it can be invasive. Here’s how it works. Truecaller stores the contact details saved on your phone as soon as you download the app. Each time your smartphone rings, the contact details of the caller pops up, even if it is not stored on your handset. If the caller is not on the list of any Truecaller user, he or she could be that dreaded “unwanted”. If you are worried about giving away important numbers, there is a way to erase your phonebook details from the common database.


Keep yourself updated about whatever is happening in the tech world through live feeds. The app culls information from TechRadar, Gizmodo, T3 and more to deliver articles, photos and videos. The ‘smart news reader’ even lets you set-up a personalised ‘news channel’.

And here’s one for women only

Period Tracker

The title says it all. Easy on memory usage, Period Tracker predicts periods every month, lists symptoms and other intimate details. After using it for two months, the app can even calculate those “painful days” of the month. And don’t be worried about others accessing your details, the app is password protected.

Neha Srivastava
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